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We recently discovered that over 70% of women with vaginismus feel that information and resources are lacking. Because we know vaginismus is one of the most treatable female conditions, we know that that's 70% too many.


Ladies, we heard you loud and clear. Welcome to the new vaginismus.com, your place for the most up-to-date information and vaginismus support online.





The Hope & Her program begins with muscle identification. Once the over responsive muscles are located, women are trained how to gain control and relax the muscles.

Through a series of limbic reduction exercises, females are taught how to correct the reaction, while exposing their bodies to penetration and normalizing the feeling of insertion.

Through our sister site, Hope & Her, our goal is to provide a safe, effective and comforting approach to completely overcome vaginismus. You're not alone and we are here to help.

A Muscle Reaction 
to Penetration


Vaginismus is vaginal tightness causing discomfort, burning, pain, penetration problems, or complete inability to have intercourse.


The vaginal tightness results from a limbic system response toward penetration, a protection mechanism that signals the body to brace and protect against potential harm. 
Effective treatment solutions, including vaginal trainers, are available on Hope & Her

The Alarm


Vaginismus is unique because it may result from a combination of physical or non-physical causes, or seem to have none at all. 

For many women, vaginismus comes as a surprise; unexplained tightness, discomfort, pain, and  entry problems are unexpectedly experienced during intercourse attempts.

A Time For


There are several specialists who assist women with vaginismus, from diagnosis to training. 


Medical diagnosis is typically determined by gynecological exam to rule out other possible conditions and to review patient history. As women go through this process, we encourage them to be patient.

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