Thank you thank you thank you. After 9 years and 8 different Doctors . . .one of whom . . routinely does surgery for Vulvodynia, I have been able to receive my husband’s penis again.

The therapist I originally went to years ago and decided to try once more,
recommended your book and told me one extra thing, to instead of bearing down
like a bowel movement, to say “Ha”, in other words, just a little bearing down.

I was successful on Valentines’ Day. I cried and cried. I have Plantar sclerosis and something else hormone related that gives pain where my episiotomy was. I have used a cortisone ointment twice daily for the pain, then I used lots of lidocaine for the attempt. I had been practicing with the dilators a few times, but I got up to 100 each of the different kegels. I want to tell all the doctors at the Women’s clinic where I go because this doesn’t have to happen to women. It caused pain, an almost failed marriage, depression, shame, and all the other things you mention. I am 65 years old, and we now can look forward to the retirement we dreamed of having.