I am writing to thank you so much for your wonderful program. My wife has
struggled with Vaginismus all her life, has never been able to make love, and
never understood what the real problem was. We have only been together for a
few months but with the help of your program these past two months, we are now
able to make love. Before and during the program it has been an uncomfortable
and challenging time for us, we have both learned so much, and we are so very
happy now. All thanks to your program which gave us the right information and
the right tools to change our lives. My wife now feels fulfilled as a complete
woman and not ‘abnormal’ (as she always claimed despite my protests to the
contrary) any more. And very importantly she understands that this condition
was not her fault. I admire my wife for her courage to face her fears, and am
so happy I could be there to support and love her during this life-changing
program. We are much closer now and obviously much happier too. We could not
have done this without your program.