I want to thank you for publishing these helpful books and for developing the dilators. I have been married for almost three years now, and had never experienced intercourse before marriage. Our honeymoon was frustrating and painful, but we were able to achieve intercourse towards the end of our trip. Sex was painful for me then and has been ever since. I have seen various doctors and they all told me that everything looked normal. Beyond all odds, I gave birth about 7 months ago. I hoped that the act of giving birth would solve my problem but was frustrated to discover that intercourse was still painful. I finally went in to see my OB GYN again last week and she gave me your phone number. I did an internet search for the dilators that she had mentioned and came across your website. Until then, I had never heard the term “vaginismus” but knew immediately that it was what I suffered from. Your kit arrived in the mail today, and because I had already been doing kegels from the pregnancy, I was rapidly able to go through all of the steps. This evening, my husband and I were able to achieve pain-free intercourse. Thank you again. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you for publishing what you learned for yourselves. It seems that my experience is not typical, but feel free to publish it if you feel that it will be useful to others (just please don’t use my name). Thanks again!