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Limbic Reduction Devices + Exercises

Vaginismus is considered one of the most successfully treatable female sexual disorder. Many studies have shown treatment success rates approaching nearly 100%. Treatment resolution follows a manageable, step-by-step process.

Limbic System Retraining

Mind + Body Training


Despite the ability to treat vaginismus, the condition is still widely misunderstood. But, what we have come to learn is that vaginismus is a limbic system response toward penetration. 


The limbic system, also known as the feeling and reacting part of the brain, controls the functions needed for self-preservation. Among the system's many responsibilities, it's involved with emotion and memory. This can cause the mind and body to hold a negative view of different forms of penetration.


But we have good news: This is an associative reaction that can be changed through a mind and body training to relax the muscles.

Many women are able to find a vaginismus cure when

they train their bodies to relax their muscles.


Successful vaginismus treatment does not require drugs, surgery, hypnosis, nor any other complex invasive technique.


Effective treatment approaches combine pelvic floor control exercises, insertion or dilation training, pain elimination techniques, transition steps, and exercises designed to help women identify, express and resolve any contributing emotional components.


Treatment steps can often be completed at home, allowing a woman to work at her own pace in privacy, or in cooperation with her health care provider.

  • The sexual pain, tightness and penetration difficulties from vaginismus are fully treatable and can be completely overcome with no remaining pain or discomfort.

  • Women experiencing sexual tightness/pain, penetration problems, or unconsummated relationships can expect remarkable resolution of their vaginismus, allowing full, pain-free intercourse.

  • Treatment steps can usually be completed at home using a self-help approach, allowing a woman to work at her own pace in privacy, or in cooperation with her health care provider or specialist.

  • Vaginismus treatment exercises follow a manageable, step-by-step process (see Steps below).


Vaginismus is Highly Treatable


The sexual pain, tightness, burning or penetration difficulties caused by vaginismus are completely treatable, with high success rates for treatment. Couples are often amazed by the sudden life-changing effects of treatment. Those with penetration difficulties, or pain during intercourse, normally transition to pain-free and pleasurable intercourse following a step-by-step approach.


A Treatment Program is Important

Many of the steps to treat vaginismus are counter-intuitive and not immediately obvious. As failure at any point inhibits recovery and can cause avoidance or abandonment of progress, it is best to approach vaginismus with an educated understanding to ensure success in dealing with it.


We're pleased to introduce a new and innovative program, designed for the whole woman—mind + body + soul.


A part of our new program is an educational video series, a revived book that's even easier to understand, and medical-grade vaginal trainers.

Our updated book is easier than ever to navigate, offering an a la carte approach for the spectrum of women and teen girls affected by impossible penetration.


With a combination of grace and truth, females can break the shame, normalize their bodily functions, and learn how to relax their overresponsive muscles. 

We offer medical-grade trainer sets designed to train the body's muscle reaction toward penetration, through our sister site, Hope and Her. 


Each set includes six graduated trainers, a universal easy-grip handle, lubricant, and a soft cotton bag with care instructions to help learn to retrain vaginal muscles. 


A silky-smooth finish ensures maximum comfort while the gently curved shaped eases entry and transition up in side.

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