Thank-you so much helping me. My husband and I have been married for 7 years.
We have been unable to have sex more than a few times a year. There is no
logical explanation for my vaginismus (I was never abused, had an injury,
surgery, or an overly strict upbringing). I discovered your website and
realized my husband had made the exact comment of some of the other husbands –
that it felt like he was “hitting a wall”. I knew then this is what I had and
why sex was so difficult for us. I had seen 3 OB/GYNs. None seemed concerned
about my problem. This is an amazing program, and I have recommended it to my
new OB/GYN in case she sees anyone else like me. I worked through your program
for over a year, and we are finally able to work towards a normal intimate life.
We got pregnant my 1st month after I completed the program! I don’t think our
life can still be considered “normal”, but we are the way to getting there.