Thank you so much for this website and for producing the self-treatment kit
available on this site. I’ve been anxious about having anything inserted into my
vagina since I was at least fifteen. All through high school and college, I have
been tormented with this fear which has caused failed relationships, an
uncontrollable anxiety concerning gynocology exams, and feelings of
frustration, confusion, embarrassment, and inadequacy.

I felt so alone in my struggle as I heard about my friends’ great sex lives and how wonderful Cosmo made sex sound like. I thought that I was defective, weird, and had no idea that other women felt like I did. I thought that my love life would be nothing more than me dating someone for a while, and then for the
relationship to end abruptly once we would unsuccessfully try to have sex.

When I was 21, I met a man I fell in love with, and embarked on my first
serious relationship since high school. He was very respectful of me, and never
tried to push me. Eventually, we got engaged and I tried to engage in
intercourse with him, once again unsuccessfully. I was crushed, and he felt
that maybe I was not truly attracted to him. I did not know what was wrong with
me; it was something like was blocking him from entering me, and I felt panicked and unable to control myself. A few months later, I was taking a pathopsychology class my last semester of college. I brought the textbook over to my best friend’s house as soon as I got it so we could check out and giggle about some of the subject manner in the “sexual disorders” chapter.
Then, I noticed a short section about sexual pain disorders and this condition
called vaginismus. I was shocked. The textbook described exactly what I had
been struggling with.

Right when I got home, I searched this term and came across this site. The
testimonials and descriptions hit so close to home. I knew I was not the only
woman who felt the way I did. Right away I ordered the kit and called my fiance
to tell him about my discovery.

I’m happy to say that now I have a very active and pleasurable sex life with my husband, and recently underwent my first Pap. A year ago I would not of thought all of this possible. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back!