Thank you, thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. I know I could
not have done it without your help and the kit. My first marriage was
unconsummated and I was miserable wondering if I could break this pattern in my
second marriage. I didn’t even try to have sex in my first marriage. Just the
thought was painful and pap smears excruciatingly painful.
Thank you for having this website so easily available to everyone. This was a
problem I could not speak to anyone about and could not figure out. It took me
5 years of pain to discover that there was a solution. I am now able to have
intercourse easily. It took about 3 years into my second marriage to finally
have sex and I am so grateful that I am healed. I was about to join a $3000
program to help with the vaginismus but decided to give the dilators a try
again. To everyone, who has tried the dilators but not succeeded, please try
again. Sometimes, the body just needs a little time to adapt but it does, does
work. I promise. All you need is a commitment that took me awhile to make.
Now, we look forward to having a baby together. Also, your customer service was awesome.