Omg, omg, omg, thank you, thank you, thank you. I am 21 years old and have been married for one year and two months and have never had penetration . . . Neither was i able to use a tampon on anything. Just last week my husband and I were talking about separating because he got fustrated and is in the military and away right now so he is extra fustrated and all and just last night I decided to give researching one last try. I was told I have genophobia (fear of sex), I was told I just need to relax, to give it time, maybe I’m not ready – practically every excuse in the book. Thank God for your website. My husband is due home in 22 days and I am hoping I can give him a surprise and I will be ready. At one point I stopped believing in God because I kept telling myself kids at age 13 and 14 are having sex and they don’t even care and I wanna do it – married and extremely in love and unable to do it. I started saying He didn’t care and He didn’t exist and just last week I said I’m gonna try believing again and start going to church and viola I came across your site. You are a life saver. I had an appointment for tomorrow to see a gyno to get my vagina stretched while I’m asleep and I’ve learned from reading your site that it won’t help because when I’m awake I might still be afraid of penetration even though i was stretched. I also just ordered the complete kit and I will definately keep you posted on what happens and my progress. Thank you guys so much. God bless and hopefully I get my package by Wednesday.

Blessing and love