I am a 55 year old single woman. I am so grateful that I found this website and
product. I wish that I had known about this common problem. I really thought
that sex was never going to be a part of my life again after menopause. It
would be nice if we could educate more women, but it seems that male sexual
problems (how many Viagra commercials do we have to see?) are more talked about
than women’s. I will recommend this product to other women that I know but it
would have been great if my gynecologist had informed me 3 years ago when I was
going through menopause that vaginal atrophy could happen to me (especially
since I never had a natural childbirth (2 c-sections), was a smoker and did not
have a partner during menopause). I did so much research on my own to try and
figure out what was going on after he (my gynecologist) prescribed Estring and
it just wasn’t enough. Ironically, after a few unreturned phone calls to his
office, I went online and found this site, his office finally called back and
recommended vaginal dilators right after I had ordered them . .
thanks again.