I just want to take a moment and personally thank you for doing what you do.
This product saved my relationship. My husband and I have had problems having
intercourse from the day we got married. While we were able to have partial
inter course, it was painful and unpleasant. Our sex life was a big source of
stress and pain for the both of us. While I had his support, I know my husband
suffered greatly, and I couldn’t help feeling like a failure, and felt the guilt
weighing down on me, knowing only I had the power to fix the situation. A sex
therapist diagnosed my condition, and a few months later, although we did not
continue seeing the therapist, I decided to do my own research about vaginismus.
At this point we were married for almost a year. I found your website and my
life changed overnight. Just ordering the kit made me feel better, and more in
control. Within one month we were able to have successful intercourse, and since
then things have only kept improving. Now we are stronger and closer than ever,
and we have you to thank. I will forever remember the impact this product has
had on my marriage, my confidence and my self worth. Thank you thank you thank