I have had vag. since I got married in June 2008, but I did not realize what it was called and it is a shared condition with so many other women [until] after research I did with my husband . . around December 2008. Before that we were trying desperately on our own and faced with a wall literally and metaphorically. After we knew, we ordered the kit, and meanwhile we [had] seen a specialist with whom we spent an hour and paid 150$ . . . I felt encouraged a little bit by some advice but not up to the point. When I got the kit (Completely Overcome Vaginismus) I felt so happy to be working in privacy in my home on my case.

I would like to encourage all the ladies and (couples) here, this process is really really really effective. It is scientific and works mainly on the mind and it works! I thought I didn’t have an opening and that most of the pain is from the hymen, now I know I had one and the hymen pain is almost nothing! It is the muscles and your brain! It is all in your brain!

I also would like to thank the people responsible for this process (the books, kit, forum…) for this great job and wish them the best of luck and prosperity from God! Finally and most importantly, Thanks to God who did not let my prayers and tears down!