Vaginismus Home Treatment Program


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The only treatment video of its kind, Treating Vaginismusfollows a couple struggling with vaginismus as a specialist guides them through treatment:

This dramatization focuses on dilation therapy as a component of resolving vaginismus and should not be viewed as a complete treatment program. The film opens as a woman tells her partner about her gynecology appointment earlier in the day, explaining that the gynecologist diagnosed her condition as 'vaginismus' and referred them for specialist therapy. The film proceeds with an anatomical explanation of vaginismus in the therapist's office. Subsequent segments focus on the application of vaginal dilators as a component of vaginismus treatment. The therapist describes how to use them effectively and from there scenes shift between the therapist's office and private sessions at home. The therapist reviews their progress and provides them with more guidelines until they complete successful treatment.

A Valuable Complement to the Vaginismus Kit

The video has been upgraded into a DVD format (only available through with convenient thumbnails to jump immediately to particular topic segments. Athough somewhat dated (originally produced in 1984), it still provides the best available audio-visual resource available for the practical use of vaginal dilators. This adult video does not fully address aspects of the mind, muscle memories, PC muscle control and other crucial elements to resolving vaginismus, so we do not recommend the video separately but only as a valuable reference that complements the self-help program.

Included in the Vaginismus Treatment Kit (#K2201).

(Note that DVD version will function in all domestic and international DVD players (zone free). Video is available in both DVD and VHS formats.)

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