I simply cannot express to you how grateful I am for your book and the vaginal
trainers. I was one of those girls who waited until her wedding night, and I
know the two of you need not imagine my horror when I found I was unable to
consummate my marriage. One hymenectomy and 18 years later, I still had yet to
do so, when I ran across an article about vaginismus in an extremely tattered
old copy of Woman’s Day I found lying forgotten in an office. So that’s what
was wrong! Afterward, I ran a Google search and found your Web site — oh,
happy day! Because I had long incorporated Kegels as part of my sit-ups, and
could insert a tampon (though that, too, had not been the case when I married),
I was able to skip to Week 4 of your program, and after two weeks of
extended-time insertions, I was through the final trainer. The transition to a
penis was not nearly as difficult as I had feared and was accomplished on the
first attempt, which I still can scarcely believe. I am not defective after
all! Only someone who has been silently tortured by this could understand the
depths of a sufferer’s despair, and the two of you have truly brought me back
from the brink. I wish you both the greatest happiness in life.