I am writing to thank you for your services that have helped me to overcome my primary vaginismus. I purchased the full kit eight months ago, and am now happy to say that I have been cured of this condition.
I still remember how my hands quivered when I googled my condition for the first time, shortly after my wedding late last year. I was worried and scared, and was extremely relieved to find out not only that I had a recognised condition that was treatable, but that there was accessible, affordable treatment available.
I ordered the kit straight away, and with my new husband’s support, followed everything the book directed, including booking an initial visit to my GP, followed by a visit to a Sexual Health Doctor, the latter being quite impressed with my progress using the kit. The medical professionals (including a few visits to a specialised physio) did help me with my confidence and fine tuning, but my overall progress was definitely due to the course itself. I also gained some invaluable guidance and inspiration from hearing about the experiences of so many brave women on the private forum.
Thank you again so, so much. My husband and I will always be grateful.God bless