My story began when my husband and I first got married, 4 months ago. We had waited until we were married to have intercourse of any kind. I noticed when I went for my first pap smear (which was over due) that it hurt and stung. I felt like I was being ripped apart. I told the gynecologist that I was in pain and she acted surprised. She said nothing seemed unusual but told me to relax—which was hard to do. Later, a few months past and my husband and I got married. When we consummated the marriage it felt like shards of glass cutting into me and it sent spasms down my legs, causing my left toe to pinch a nerve that is still healing to this day. My toe doesn’t hurt but still feels numb. I figured sex was supposed to hurt the first few times. A few months went by and it wasn’t getting better the pain persisted and I didn’t know why. At one point, it got so bad that I couldn’t get anything into my vagina. I had never used tampons until I got married. I tried them but still didn’t like them.

I researched online to see what this pain could be and found your vaginismus site. I decided to buy the kit after thinking about it. I didn’t want to go to the gynecologist. I was certain this is what I had, since it only hurt when I tried to get his penis in. I have been working through the kit and it helped me resolve some underlying issue—I had a strict upbringing and was uneducated about sex. I learned a lot working though the book about the female anatomy. Once I completed that stage, I started on kegels and I was able to do those really well. It still took a week to focus on them while working on the “Mind Over Matter” part. By the time I got to the insertions, they looked intimidating and painful. So I just tried the small one and kept working my way up to the largest one. I learned a lot about my body, what kind of lubes work well and how I should go about entering my husband. D4 gave me the most confidence as it seemed bigger than my husband.

One day, we were in the mood and we weren’t planning on entry but I worked it in like I trained and it went in pain free. I’m going to work one more week with the largest trainer to make sure but the sex it was a whole new experience. It even felt a little pleasurable. The more you practice, the better it will get. I can’t say thanks enough! This is a great kit and I recommend it to anyone suffering from vaginismus. Working through the kit helped me learn more about female anatomy, my own body, and releasing underlying issues. It took about a month to work through this kit for me. I like that it’s hands-on and you can work at your own pace. Now I can move on to buy lubes and sex books 🙂 Thanks again!