The reason why I’m writing this account is because this website helped me a lot
and now I feel the need to help other couples. When I found out about the kit
and I read the reviews, despite not having much hope, I thought I should give it
a try. The kit took a few months to arrive because I ordered it from Brazil but
as soon as it arrived I started the program. My boyfriend and I were both
virgins when we first tried intercourse and our first attempt was very
frustrating for both of us. Even though he tried to be careful his movement was
rough and ended up hurting me, I think this contributed to activating my PC
muscles to block the future attempts of intercourse, which were also very
painful. I don’t think it was caused purely by this attempt, but also as a
result of my physicological state that was worried about me getting pregnant –
even though we were using the necessary contraception – at an inappropriate time
in both of our lives. We tried intercourse for 4 months, till my boyfriend had
to fly back to his country of origin. He told me that he had searched why we
couldn’t have sex properly on online forums and I was doing the same when I
found out about vaginismus and this brilliant website. It took me a while to be
convinced I had it, but as soon as I was feeling sure about it, I let him know
and he supported me. Even though we were living in different countries when I
realised I had vaginismus I did the program, that has some parts dedicated to
couples, by myself and I would always tell him how I was doing. This month,
after almost 1 year of following this program, we were finally able to have
successful intercourse. Now we are very happy and are sure that our sex life
will continue improving with time and practice. So, thank you so much for
putting work in a program that certainly is able to make people’s lives better.