First thing I would like to say -THANKS A LOT TO VAGINISMUS!
This email is regarding use of product “Vaginismus Treatment Kit”. Actually
I am writing this email very late. My wife suffered with vaginismus problem a
few years back. Initially we did not understand the problem. She was suffering
with lots of pain during penetration. We met various Gynecologists. No one
actually could figure out the problem. Every doctor said that this is normal.
Initially females get pain during penetration and later things will get settled
down automatically.

That was really horrible. Finally we came across one Gynecologist. She did the
medical examination of my wife. She also suggested that there is no problem
then finally when we told her that every doctor is saying the same but the
problem is not getting resolved. Then finally she said that my wife might be
suffering from vaginismus problem. We came home and then did search on internet
about “what is vaginismus problem” and what is the cure of it.

We came across vaginismus.com website. We read through that entire
website content. We were not very sure about which product to buy and whether
it will cure my wife’s problem. We wrote an email to the helpdesk of
Vaginismus. We got an immediate response with proper guidance. We trusted their
guidance. We ordered “Vaginismus Treatment Kit” which had books, set of
dilators and video. Once we received the kit, we read the book and watched the
CD. After that we started the treatment using dilators. It took one month and
we become happily normal married couple.
We suffered for 5 years with this problem and no guidance/solution from
Gynecologist. After 5 years when we used “Vaginismus Treatment Kit” it
resolved the problem 100%. The final good news is that now we are parents of 1
year old kid.
God bless to Vaginismus!(from India)