I would like to thank you for saving my marriage. Me and my husband have been
trying to have sex for years and we would end up more and more frustrated every
single time we would try. After a while we got sick of trying and trying because
we would get no where!! We ended up to stop trying. We would just avoid that
subject because we wouldn’t want to go through the disappointment again. I
would cry and cry by myself cause I thought there was something wrong with me.
I was scared my husband would cheat on me or leave me. I was devastated because
he is the love of my life, he is my high school sweetheart. One day my husband
comes home with a whole bunch of photo copies of your site on the internet. I
started reading about vaginismus and stories of peoples lives that was my life.
I was reading my life over and over again!!! I couldn’t stop crying of joy that
I wasn’t the only one. That there was nothing wrong with me!!! I ordered the
kit and I did exactly what it told me to do. 2 months later I was having sex
with my husband and we were the happiest couple ever!!!! Thank you so much
because right now I am 3 months pregnant with twins and I am the happiest woman
alive cause this is what I have been waiting for my whole life, to become a
mother. My dream has finally come true and we couldn’t do it without the help
of the vaginismus site and the vaginismus kit!!!!!!! Thank you again and