Thank you for the prompt reply. The best thing I liked about you vaginismus is that you are very quick in response. A few years back when I send one email to vaginismus, I got a very quick response. I had many queries. Daily I used to write emails to vaginismus and every day I used to get response, which made me buy the “vaginismus kit” and which made my and my wife life heaven from hell. That is really great.

Yes, please go ahead and post my message on your website (with my personal information removed). That is what I want. I want people who are suffering from vaginismus, should read our story and buy the kit and make their lives also heaven.

I would like to mention one thing that I am from India. Please do mention this in your website. My understanding is that in India there is very less awareness of vaginismus which is very bad. Though we had consulted 4 to 5 Gynecologists, It took 5 years to me and my wife to understand that my wife is suffering from vaginismus. Surprisingly I live in one the biggest city in India. Other people should not take this long to understand the problem. Women in India are very shy about sex. Even the women are highly educated but when it comes to sex, they are very shy. If they are facing vaginismus problem, I doubt whether they will aware that they are suffering from vaginismus.

Finally I would like to say that you guys are doing a great job. You will have tons of blessings from all over the world. Great work!