My story began at a young age when I was forced to experience things sexually that I should not have been experiencing at that time. This affected me as it lowered my confidence self esteem. When I found a very special man in my life, we started to have problems with painful sex. I saw gynecologists who told me there was no issue but it started to affect us even more. I wouldn’t feel aroused or want to have sex but, because of past experiences, I felt I had to do it to be loved—even though my boyfriend constantly told me this was not the case. Three years into our relationship, we bought a house together and we thought things would get better but they seemed to be worse. We did some research and found vaginismus and all the symptoms matched so I ordered the books and dilators. I was very scared but I persisted daily and continued to feel jealous of people who didn’t have a problem and was ready for that to be me and to stop allowing past experiences to affect the now. I always felt I wasn’t good enough but having gone through the program, I grew in relaxation techniques, self confidence and self esteem. Finally, I became pain-free but know this is just the start of my journey to better my life and not let things stand in my way. I am so grateful for the books and they have been a massive help. Thank you.