Using dilators without a program?

Using dilators without a program?


There’s more to treating vaginismus than simply using dilators.

The use of dilators alone, without any program or professional direction, is usually frustrating and ineffective. The falsely perpetuated idea that vaginismus treatment is simply about inserting graduated dilators to stretch the vaginal opening has caused many women unnecessary heartache and lost years. Aspects of vaginismus treatment are not very intuitive.

Treatment is less about stretching and more about learning how to control and override underlying problems with involuntary pelvic reflexes.


Why It’s Important to Use a Treatment Program

Following a program has many benefits. Even simply eliminating all of the guesswork and confusion is a huge help with an effective step-by-step process. Comprehensive vaginismus treatment includes steps that do not involve dilators at all.

Our self-help process uses a whole woman approach, addressing both physical and emotional aspects of vaginismus and providing detailed instructions, illustrations, and problem-solving strategies that really make a difference.

Having in-depth knowledge of the problem, and being able to understand and follow sensible strategies to overcome it, increases confidence while reducing anxiety and frustration levels. It is difficult to know how to properly use the dilators to overcome vaginismus without guidance, often leading to avoidance or ultimately abandonment of treatment due to frustration.


Getting Results

Many women experience anxiety even at the sight of vaginal dilators and find undirected insertion efforts to be unpleasantly difficult. Unanswered questions and thoughts like, “Am I doing it right? Which one should I start with? How do I get it in? Why am I using these things? Why is this not working? and Why am I not seeing any progress?” are common and can lead to defeat and discouragement.

The correct use of dilators is an important part of the vaginismus treatment process and when used as part of a complete program, helps treatment efforts to be a manageable process likely to result in successful resolution in a reasonable time-frame.

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