After six years of marriage, I was able to have sex for the first time with my
husband two weeks ago thanks to your vaginismus treatment kit. I blame my
vaginismus on a conservative upbringing in a sexually repressed religious
minority culture in the US. Though my then-boyfriend and I had been sexually
active via non-penetrative sex for years before marriage, the pelvic muscle
spasms arose when we tried intercourse for the first time following our wedding.
The shame and confusion led me to avoid seeking medical attention for years.
Your self help treatment kit was exactly what I needed. Going through treatment
alone at my own pace, and watching gradual muscular improvement in myself as an
athlete might see while training, were critical to success which took me six
weeks from beginning to end. I’m at a loss for words… The phrase “thank you”
feels inadequate. You have built mountains of good karma through your work. If
there is a God, God bless you.