I am writing to thank you for your excellent kit and also offer a constructive
criticism of the website.

I overcame vaginismus in about 6 weeks using your kit, and am very thankful for
this. I also found the forum extremely helpful, and still use it from time to

I have recommended your website to my GP and today to a top fertility
consultant, who was very interested to hear of it and the success I have had
with it.

I knew about your website for a long time before ordering the kit. The reason
I didn’t order it earlier is that the website gives the impression of a glossy
advertising website which is selling something. I assumed that if you are
putting that much effort into selling it with all the photos of models then it
must be a product that doesn’t work.

There is no need for all these pictures of perfect people, as if you are trying
to promote a product. You are offering a very effective solution to a problem.
No one would buy the kit unless they needed it, but it a shame to put people off
buying it because it looks so over-promoted and advertised that it must be a

I am British so perhaps the website does not give that impression to Americans,
but from reading the forums I know I am not the only one who knew about the
website for a long time before ordering from it.

The new testimonies and information on what the treatment involves go a long
way towards giving the impression that this is actually a kit for real people
with a real problem rather than a gimmick for supermodels, but I still think
there is no need for all the glossy photos.

Once I got into the forums and saw that here were real people struggling as I
was I had a completely different view of the website than I got from the glossy
photos and advertising speak of the main pages.

Thanks again for a very valuable kit. I hope the front pages of the website
don’t put anyone else off buying it who needs it.