I started this program in June 2014. At the time I had not been able to have
intercourse for 3 years. My marriage was not consummated and my husband was
ready to leave. Now, 6 months later, our marriage has been consummated and we
are starting over together. I suffered with vaginismus for 11 years. I had
horrible pain during sex and eventually was not able to have sex at all. The
disorder took a huge toll on me emotionally and physically and did the same to
my partner. It eventually affected our relationship and communication, my self
esteem and confidence. Vaginismus very nearly cost me my marriage. During the
years, I had talked to doctors, gyns about my symptoms, but no one ever
mentioned vaginismus. I found this word, diagnosis and this website on my own
desperately researching what was wrong with me. After so many years of pain,
frustration, failure and embarrassment, I was so relieved to find this website,
a place that seemed to finally diagnose me, but I didn’t know if anything could
“fix” me, but I was willing to try anything.
I took a chance and ordered the books and dilators.
They absolutely changed my life and have helped salvage my
marriage. I decided to also utilize professional therapy from a sex therapist to
further help me, but I did the books and dilators on my own time and they, by
far, are what have helped me most. It took me 6 months to get through the books
and to graduate though all of the dilators, but now I can have intercourse and
it is not painful. What couldn’t be done in all those years before, I did in 6
months. It isn’t easy, but it is possible. If you really read the books, do the
worksheets, the muscle exercises, watch the video and practice with the
dilators, really follow the plan – you will see and make progress. Everyone will
have their own time frame. Some will take more or less time than I did. But I
honestly, can’t believe I am able to even type out this review after so many
years of suffering. Thank you so so much for giving me my life and marriage back
to me.