I cannot explain in words how grateful I am for this kit (I am in tears—tears of JOY!). Being from a South Asian country and not believing in sex before marriage, I didn’t find out that sex was impossible for me until after I was married.

We tried for 2 years to have sex but nothing. I wouldn’t even let my husband penetrate due to how much pain it caused me. Nothing could go in, not even the end of a Q-tip. I tried getting a pap smear but couldn’t complete the exam due to the pain and tightening of muscles.

We tried to conceive but it was just impossible (and there was no way for me to know when it was going to happen without my husband trying to penetrate). When I started researching online, I stumbled upon this website and was amazed to see that I wasn’t alone! I had all the symptons and read the testimonials. I must admit that I wasn’t convinced but I wanted to give it a try anyway so I purchased the entire treatment kit.

Let me tell you, it was the BEST thing I have done for myself! I went through the book and exercises at my own pace from home. As I progressed through each chapter, I gained more and more confidence that I could do this. Soon, I was able to insert the largest dilator within 3 weeks of beginning the program. My Gynecologist was surprised that I was able to get that far and by my progress in general.

My husband and I were then able to have intercourse and guess what: after 2 weeks of completing the program, we CONCEIVED!!! I am now three months pregnant!!! I had another pap smear exam but didn’t feel a bit of pain this time. It would have been impossible without the help of this treatment kit. It has changed my life!

Vaginismus can be treated. If I can do it, anyone can. I encourage anyone with this problem to give it a chance. Trust me, it’ll work! I’m writing this review just so I can let everyone know that it REALLY does work!