I’m writing to express my thanks to you for writing such a beautiful, loving, nurturing book that has transformed my sexual relationship with my husband. Together for 16 years, this “issue” which went without a name for about 15 years had us both feeling ashamed, blameful and hopeless. Finally named by a sex therapist we went to for a consultation, we found your book, and worked through it together, along with using the trainers. My husband went so far as to practice the pc muscle exercises with me as his dedication to being part of the solution. Our sexual relationship has been transformed, thanks to working through the book. We can now have intercourse when we choose – it still feels delightfully novel and wonderfully surprising to have so much freedom and ease, and no more shame, blame or pain!

Thank you for writing in such a manner that I felt able to let go of the shame and negativity, and dare to to take each step that was so carefully and supportively laid out. My husband and I are truly grateful!