In the winter 2005 edition of the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy, author Beth Shelly, PT, BCIA-PMDB and editor Donna Edwards, PT, OCS published an unsolicited and detailed review of’s Complete Vaginismus Treatment Kit for use by patients of physical therapists and other specialists who treat vaginismus: Dilator Set

“The set comes with a universal handle that easily attaches to the dilator end … and easily inserted by patients. Appropriate, easy-to-follow written instructions are also included … effective and priced well.”

“Treating Vaginismus” – Video

“A sex therapist gives verbal instructions on the use of dilators and the video shows the patient inserting the dilators and progressing to intercourse. Overall, the instructions are good and therapists may choose to show parts of the DVD to their patients as it does show clearly how a patient would insert the dilators herself and shares patient concerns and success.”

“Completely Overcome Vaginismus” – Book Set

“The authors are a couple who have experienced vaginismus first hand. Lisa Carter holds a degree in medical rehabilitation and psychology. Mark is an educator and writer. Book 1 explains the 10-step program to desensitizing the vagina for penetration. Book 2 is simply a workbook to be filled out while progressing through the program. Book 2 makes the steps simpler.”

“In step 1, relationship issues and other causes of dyspareunia are explored (these are explained more in the appendix). Contract relax and general relaxation instructions are also given. Step 2 identifies negative emotions associated with sex. A detailed sexual history is also listed. This inventory is in check list as well as descriptive paragraph form and is very well done.”

“Step 3 shows self discovery techniques and describes anatomy. The workbook has unlabeled pictures to test knowledge. The pelvic floor muscle (PFM) is introduced in step 4 … In step 5 the patient is guided in insertion … Step 6 progresses.”

“Clear instructions are given with gradual insertion … Many ideas for trouble shooting insertion are given … Advancing dilator sizes is discussed. Step 7 involved sensate exercises … Gradually getting comfortable with each other is explained. In step 8 … Sensate exercises are then practiced … with attention to keeping the PFM relaxed.”

“Step 9 explains the transition to intercourse with partial insertion and the female on top. Clear pictures show the anatomy of insertion. Many suggestions are given for making insertion successful. Step 10 progresses to movement during penetration and other pleasurable components of intercourse. Appendix C gives program rationale and effectiveness including citation of 8 references with outcomes data.”

The 2-book series is an excellent guide for patients and has many helpful hints for therapists as well. I can recommend use of this resource by all patients with vaginismus.” [emphasis added]


  1. Shelly, B., Edwards, D. (Editor) (Winter 2005). Product News & Reviews – Complete Vaginismus Treatment Kit. APTA J of Women’s Health Physical Therapy, 29(3), 74.