Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment program – it’s changed my life and helped me get over vaginismus, a condition I was beginning to think, had no cure. I’ve been married for 5.5 years and have been living with vaginismus for all these years.

Over the years I’ve been to doctors, homeopaths and sexologists, and all of them told me different things, each of which was humiliating and painful. “What’s wrong with you – why can’t you just go ahead and have sex? You’re a fool not to!” “Looks like you’ve been torturing your husband by holding back sex” “I’m going to ask your husband to force himself on you” “You seem to have a serious problem and may have to live with it”. These are few of the responses I’ve got from qualified experts.

I had suspected vaginismus when I couldn’t have sex, and used to mention this to doctors too, whenever I went in for check-ups. But they didn’t really believe me. And while the sexologist diagnosed the problem, he wasn’t sure if I could be ‘cured’. I had hit rock bottom, was getting frantic about my options to start a family and kept wondering if I could ever have sex, when I came across your website. I liked what I read, got hope from the testimonials and ordered the kit. It’s taken me over 4 months to overcome vaginismus, but the good news is that I have finally become an Overcomer! And I’m also thankful to my husband, who has stood by me all these years, never once pressurising me to have sex or ticking me off because of this problem that I had.

Thanks a lot to both of you for coming with a product like this!