I am 68 years old and my husband is 54. For 5 to 8 years now intercourse has been increasingly painful. I have visited several doctors over the years with no relief. My family doctor said I did not need to see a gynecologist and told me to use [vaginal moisturizer] when needed. I saw a gynecologist anyway and she said I had vaginal atrophy and to have a hormonal ring inserted into my vagina every 3 months @ $375.00 a time. 4 strikes there – 1. Too expensive 2. Invasive 3. Unknown side effects and 4. Unsanitary.

Then I discovered a sex therapist, offering treatment for medical and psychological therapy. This doctor told me to use [vaginal moisturizer] 3x week and not to bother with dilators. After . . month or so I started to feel irritations from it and stopped using it. Fortunately I knew enough on how to undo the damage with natural remedies e.g. GSE douche, special tea and beet juice drinks to restore PH balance. Meanwhile I prayed for a solution: to a least have pain free sex. It would not be fair to my husband to no longer have sex. Then I discovered your product on the internet.

I ordered your full package and have never been disappointed. There was some delay in your company receiving my check and your employees sent the order out anyway. The communication between us was always kind, prompt and helpful. Fortunately they received the check soon after. I then started sharing this information with my husband and he has been extremely supportive. He waited several months and never asked when, when, when before resuming intercourse. He booked us a week trip to Mexico in January which gave me a goal to be ready. About 4 nights into our trip there were flower petals on our beds. I thought it was because we had been so patient with the staff as they had a huge influx of vacationers leaving and arriving that day and did not make up our rooms until after 9:00 pm, but I also think my husband might have ordered the flower petals. I keep forgetting to ask him. I asked him to read the book you sent so he could understand. I never saw him read it but apparently he did. Our love making and sharing has improved so much and is barely ever painful. We have always had a special connection but our friendship is even richer and more patient now.

I am amazed at how smart you have been to figure this all out. The whole world should know about your product . . There must be many people that need your product. It is so helpful and reasonably priced.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, a 1,000 thank yous.