I have been practicing in NYC for 20 years and specializing in pelvic health
physical therapy and manual orthopedics. I sent you positive feedback about your
dilator set originally in 2006. Now it is 8 years later and I have found your
dilator set to be one of the most valuable tools still that we recommend to
patients. Those suffering from vaginisumus, pelvic floor muslce dysfunction,
sexual pain, and habitual clenching patterns truly benefit from using the
dliators to perform at home stretches to reduce pain and improve their daily
function. Thanks again for a wonderful product and informative website.

Dr. Pamela Morrison Wiles, MS, DPT, BCB-PMD, IMTC
Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy, PC
Specialists in Manual Orthopedics and Pelvic Health
New York, NY