Dear Mark and Lisa Carter,

I want to you thank you and your team for putting this great resource together-It not only helped me overcome vaginismus, but freed me from the miserable guilt and anxiety that had engulfed me for the past 4 years of my married life.

I did not even know that I was suffering from this condition before I visited your website-And I am so glad that I did. I was a virgin before I got married and feared sex greatly (partly due to a strict and conservative upbringing; and ill-informed friends and acquaintances). My husband had great expectations of intimacy from this new relationship-and these were repeatedly crashed again and again–and I held myself responsible-not knowing whom to talk to-where to go to seek help! Frustration was growing and something needed to be done! That’s when I came across your website and ordered the self help kit–and the rest is history.

I am elated at this new personal achievement of mine and I want to pass this message to all those that visit your website seeking help:

“Look no further-In finding this website-consider half the work already done!! Go ahead and order the self-help kit-It will work wonders! -Good Luck!’

Thanks again,

Also-Since this is a very personal matter-I would appreciate if you could please keep my information confidential-Please do not publish my name and other details anywhere.–you can post my message—but PLEASE PLEASE do not post my name anywhere.