How can I say thank you enough for your wonderful website and products? My husband and I had been married 11 months but the extreme pain during intercourse had reduced our sex life to zero! In our frustration, we had tried silly things like getting me drunk in the hope that I would be too knocked out to feel anything! Of course it was in vain! That PC muscle was never fooled by any trick!I had visited several sex specialists who insisted there was no such condition and I only had to get used to my husband’s “size”! Many had prescribed herbs to stimulate my lubrication which in their opinion was the
cause!! None of their solutions worked!

Then one morning after another of our endless failed attempts, I went to the internet and just like that I found you!!! I could not believe the stories of so many women out there going through the same thing!

My immediate concern was the fact that many of the site and product users were from the US! Being in Uganda, Africa, I wondered whether I would benefit from the products!

Of course my fears were dispelled by your quick response to my order and your reliable call centre! In three weeks I had my kit delivered right at my doorstep!

Within a month, the powerful PC muscle had been conquered and slowly we were mastering the art and tact of sex!

Althogh I know we still have a lot to learn (and hope we never stop) I must stress that you opened this entire world of possibilities to us! Thank you, thank you and keep up the good work!

Am constantly on the look out for anyone with the same problem so I can share your solution. I have also introduced the product to the sex specialists who did not know about it. That is my simple way of giving back!

Laslty, if you ever want to do any work in Africa, you know you can count on me!

Much love and gratitude