Vaginismus Treatment Products

Completely Overcome Vaginismus - 2 Book Set

Vaginismus Treatment Kit

Product # K2201-DVD/K2200-VHS

These complete treatment kits include everything you need to overcome vaginismus in the privacy of your own home - the most effective resources available.

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Complete Vaginal Dilator Set

Vaginal Dilator Set

Product # T8077

Simply a better product: These dilators are smooth and comfortable, easy to control, light-weight, latex-free, washable and safe.

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Completely Overcome Vaginismus - 2 Book Set

Vaginismus Books

Product # B5404

Well-illustrated with over 300 pages detailing the self-treatment of vaginismus. This comprehensive two book set covers all aspects of successful home treatment.

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Completely Overcome Vaginismus DVD

Vaginismus Video

(Included with K2201-DVD kit)

The only treatment video of its kind, this vaginismus video depicts a couple struggling with vaginismus as a specialist guides them through treatment.

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Customer/Patient/User Reviews


Helped Me Totally Overcome


Several years ago I ordered the vaginismus treatment kit. I've always wanted to thank you because it helped me totally overcome this problem and my husband and I are fine now - with a naturally conceived four year old son!


Gained So Much


My story began at a young age when I was forced to experience things sexually I should not have been experiencing at that time. This affected me as it lowered my confidence self esteem and sexually which was not realised until I found a very special man in my life, we started to have problems with painful sex. I saw gynaecologists who told me there was no issue and it started to affect us even more I would not feel aroused or want to have sex but because of past experiences I felt I had to do it to be loved even though my boyfriend constantly told me this was not the case. 3 years into our relationship we bought a house together and we thought things would get better but they seemed to be worse. We did some research and found vaginismus and all the symptoms matched so I ordered the books and dilators. I was very scared but I persisted daily and continued to feel jealous of people who didn't have a problem and was ready for that to be me and to stop allowing past experiences to affect the now. I always felt I wasn't good enough and through working on the book I have gained so much in relaxation techniques, self confidence and self esteem. And finally the end came pain free but I know this is just the start of my journey in gaining more confidence and self esteem to better my life sexually and personally and not let things stand in my way. I am so grateful of the books and they have been a massive help. Thank you.


Beautiful, Loving, Nurturing


I'm writing to express my thanks to you for writing such a beautiful, loving, nurturing book that has transformed my sexual relationship with my husband. Together for 16 years, this "issue" which went without a name for about 15 years had us both feeling ashamed, blameful and hopeless. Finally named by a sex therapist we went to for a consultation, we found your book, and worked through it together, along with using the trainers. My husband went so far as to practice the pc muscle exercises with me as his dedication to being part of the solution. Our sexual relationship has been transformed, thanks to working through the book. We can now have intercourse when we choose - it still feels delightfully novel and wonderfully surprising to have so much freedom and ease, and no more shame, blame or pain!

Thank you for writing in such a manner that I felt able to let go of the shame and negativity, and dare to to take each step that was so carefully and supportively laid out. My husband and I are truly grateful!


Felt cared for from the very first contact


I am forever indebted to you. I don't know what happened but I closed off to my husband for 23 years...then he had affairs....and I fell apart completely. All that love and we weren't working intercourse-wise. I had a book on vaginismus but it was all too psychological and made me just dwell on myself for answers I never thought I'd find. I went to a doctor and he just said, 'There's nothing wrong with you; women deliver babies though their vaginal canal.' He didn't mention anything about my PC muscle, biofeedback, that there might be others similarly situated. I left sobbing. As a last resort I searched the web, found you, ordered the kit and got down to work.

The first thing I loved were the people on the phone. So well-trained. Careful but direct. I just felt cared for from the very first contact. And you got me my kit in England fast!

My biggest impression was from the declarations. I remember memorizing them and when I went back to the book to look at exactly what was written, I remember thinking how each word was important; each word was there for a reason and it said what it wanted to say exactly right. I loved those declarations. I felt like whoever was responsible for whole progam just loved .... well.. me. It was like being taken by the hand and told I was step at a time...I am not alone or even that terribly messed up. Mind over matter. I'm 57, had been defeated for over 20 years and was in a terribly emotional state when I ordered your kit and you walked me right through!

So I write today because today was the day when I decided having sex with my husband would not be about concentrating on my PC muscle (unless I hit a glitch). Today was to look at my husband, breathe him in, smile, be in the moment and to start to really explore and enjoy this intercourse thing. And it happened. I am delighted and filled with hope. I feel happy and normal, in control and admittedly pretty emotional. It was easy and comfortable (not earth shattering), sweet, and good for us both.

I also remember thinking when I was reading your book--everything I had ever thought around vaginismus--about fears or myself etc. etc. etc.!--was somewhere in that book. You never offended or alienated or scared me. I'm a big strong girl--I'm a lawyer--but this was something I just couldn't figure out.

The only critical comment I have is this: My husband's penis is larger than your largest dilator (I always believed that was the problem--his size). So I just went to a sex shop and got a dildo/dilator that was the next size up...well a bit more) and practiced the same way. I probably should have gotten 2 gradations but they're expensive and I thought I could do it.

Anyhow, I probably should have waited to write to you until I was less emotional to share all this with you but I've been wanting to say 'Thank You' for a very long time. It took me closer to 3 months to get to where I am today but I really wanted to be sure I didn't trigger pain/fear. I'm also grateful that the program focused on the control of the PC muscle; not endlessly trying to figure out how or why I shut down. It was so present and future focused which I found so positive. (NB: I did everything you told me to do in that book. I didn't skip anything!)

So with all my heart to all of you, I thank you. I simply must sign this: Love, G


Amazing Experience


After over a year of trying to consummate our marriage I decided to search the internet for answers. I was tired of feeling like a disappointment to my husband. I was tired of hiding the truth from friends and times even lying to them when questions about sex came up. I felt so alone. I still remember the tears rolling down my face as I read testimony after testimony of women with the same feelings and insecurities that I had. I didn't feel so alone anymore! I sent my husband the link to the Vaginismus site as I really wanted to order the kit, but he was more skeptical of the product & site than I was.

I had been to three doctors who all told me I just needed to relax during intercourse, I left each appointment feeling more hopeless than before. I remember even trying to drink a lot of alcohol so that I would be able to relax enough to have intercourse (didn't work). Our marriage was in a rough spot-- him feeling rejected and me feeling inadequate. For months, I kept bringing it up and asking my husband if we could try the kit and finally after almost 2 years in a sexless marriage he agreed to give it a shot.

Going through the program was very eye-opening for me and helped me learn more about why I was tensing up so much. It not only helped me retrain my muscles but also helped to pinpoint where a lot of the anxiety was coming from. I realized that I had a very negative view of the male body from a very young age -- so much so that it was disgusting to me. The program helped me realize this is not the truth, that I was believing a lie because of my past. The graduated dilators also helped it seem more doable to me. There were hopeless days when I thought I would never be able to have sex (I could barely put a tampon in) and the program made it seem attainable! And it was! After three and a half months using the kit we were finally able to consummate our marriage just after our two year anniversary!

It was an amazing experience getting to have a "honeymoon stage" two years into marriage! I'm so thankful for this kit, those who have contributed to it, and the women who boldly wrote in sharing their testimonies! I wish everyone knew about this kit as a resource for Vaginismus so women would no longer have to suffer silently!


Life-changing program


I am writing to thank you so much for your wonderful program. My wife has struggled with Vaginismus all her life, has never been able to make love, and never understood what the real problem was. We have only been together for a few months but with the help of your program these past two months, we are now able to make love. Before and during the program it has been an uncomfortable and challenging time for us, we have both learned so much, and we are so very happy now. All thanks to your program which gave us the right information and the right tools to change our lives.

My wife now feels fulfilled as a complete woman and not 'abnormal' (as she always claimed despite my protests to the contrary) any more. And very importantly she understands that this condition was not her fault. I admire my wife for her courage to face her fears, and am so happy I could be there to support and love her during this life-changing program. We are much closer now and obviously much happier too. We could not have done this without your program.


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been using your program for about a month and a half now, and today, my fiance and I were finally able to have sex again!!!!

This program really works and I thank everyone for making it possible to provide this product to women in need of it. Thank you soooooo much for helping my fiance and I overcome this!!!! This has helped save my relationship. Again Thank you sooooo much!

Sincerely, Extremely Grateful


I can’t say thanks enough


My story began when me and my husband first got married. We just got married 4 months ago and waited until we got married to have intercourse of any kind. I noticed when I went for my first pap smear that was over due, that it hurt and stung and felt like I was being ripped apart. I told the gynecologist I was in pain and she acted surprised and said nothing seems unusual but told me to relax which was hard to do. Later a few months past and my husband and I got married when we consummated the marriage it felt like shards of glass cutting me and it sent spasms down my legs causing my left toe to pinch a nerve that is still healing to this day. It doesn't hurt but it feels numb. I figured well sex is supposed to hurt the first few times but a few months went by and it wasn't getting better the pain persisted and I didn't know why. At one point it got so bad i couldn't get anything into my vagina. I never used tampons until I got married I tried them but I still don't like them.

I researched it online what this pain could be and found your vaginismus site and decided to buy the kit after thinking about it. I didn't want to go to the gynecologist as I was certain this is what I had since it only hurt when I tried to get his penis in. I have been working through the kit and it helped me resolve some underlying issues - I had a strict upbringing and was uneducated about sex. I learned alot working though the book about the female anatomy. Once I completed that stage I started on kegels and I was able to do those really well but still took a week to focus on them while working on the "Mind Over Matter Part" but the time I got to the insertions they looked intimidating and painful. But I just tried with the small one and kept working my way up to the largest one. I learned alot about my body and what kind of lubes it takes and how I should go about entering my husband . . . D4 gave me the most confidence as it seemed bigger than my husband.

One day we were in the mood and we weren't planning on entry but I worked it in like I trained and it went in pain free. I'm going to work one more week with the largest trainer to make sure but the sex it was a whole new experience. It even felt a little pleasurable. The more you practice the better it will get. I can't say thanks enough this is a great kit and I recommend it to anyone suffering from vaginismus. Working through the kit helped me learn more about female anatomy, my own body, and releasing underlying issues. It took about a month to work through this kit for me. I like that it's hands on and you can work at your own pace. Now I can move on and buy lubes and sex books :) . Thanks again!


Great work!


Thank you for the prompt reply. The best thing I liked about you vaginismus is that you are very quick in response. A few years back when I send one email to vaginismus, I got a very quick response. I had many queries. Daily I used to write emails to vaginismus and every day I used to get response, which made me buy the “vaginismus kit” and which made my and my wife life heaven from hell. That is really great.

Yes, please go ahead and post my message on your website (with my personal information removed). That is what I want. I want people who are suffering from vaginismus, should read our story and buy the kit and make their lives also heaven.

I would like to mention one thing that I am from India. Please do mention this in your website. My understanding is that in India there is very less awareness of vaginismus which is very bad. Though we had consulted 4 to 5 Gynecologists, It took 5 years to me and my wife to understand that my wife is suffering from vaginismus. Surprisingly I live in one the biggest city in India. Other people should not take this long to understand the problem. Women in India are very shy about sex. Even the women are highly educated but when it comes to sex, they are very shy. If they are facing vaginismus problem, I doubt whether they will aware that they are suffering from vaginismus.

Finally I would like to say that you guys are doing a great job. You will have tons of blessings from all over the world. Great work!

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