Will vaginismus cause complications or impede vaginal delivery of a baby? Will the pelvic floor muscles spasm or cause problems?

Unresolved vaginismus may present some challenges during pregnancy, but will not normally impede the actual vaginal delivery process.

DeliveryVaginismus will not normally impede the vaginal birth process. Hormones activated during delivery cause a woman's body to involuntarily dilate (widen or expand) and automatically proceed with the delivery process, ignoring vaginismus impulses, should they be present. The uterus and vaginal openings dilate with natural prompting and open up naturally. As a woman pushes the baby, it moves through the vaginal canal, opening and stretching as it progresses through to complete delivery, with no adverse effect from vaginismus. Pain medication, such as epidurals are usually available if so desired.

Although childbirth is typically experienced naturally, just as it occurs for women without vaginismus, there may be difficulties with pelvic exams and other pre/post-natal procedures or with medical inteventions during complications of delivery. Women would be advised to consider resolving their vaginismus prior to delivery to avoid unnecessary difficulties with these issues. Please note that a consultation with a physician is necessary to confirm the applicability of treatment options and to ensure that there are no risks posed by any treatment methods.

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