Will my health insurance cover the cost of buying dilators?

Insurance reimbursement varies, but is available in some cases.

We do not directly handle any insurance reimbursement. However, in some cases insurance reimbursement is available. Eligibility factors may include what is being treated, what type of insurance coverage or carrier is being used, whether the dilators have been prescribed by a treatment professional or physician, and other factors.

In practice, we know that some women have received reimbursement, while other's claims have been rejected. In some cases, women have been asked for 'letters of necessity' from a treating physician before their insurance would process the claim.

In the USA, the codes most often used for insurance reimbursement are:

CPT Code: Procedure 57400 or 58999
HCPCS Code: E1399
Supplies: 99070

As our mandate is to help as many women as possible with vaginismus and related conditions, we have made our dilators as affordable as possible with the lowest prices in the world for a quality, medical grade product.

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