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  1. APTA Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy - review by Beth Shelly

    In the winter 2005 edition of the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) Journal of Women's … Full Article »

  2. When Sex Hurts - by Kate Cardwell

    In this article published in the Nov./Dec. 2004 issue of Today's Christian Woman by our own Kate Cardwell [Kate … Full Article »

  3. When SEX is a pain - by Jo Mears

    Published in the popular UK magazine Bella, this article references an interview … Full Article »

  4. Vaginismus on UKTV Style

    A program which aired yesterday on TV in the UK followed a couple with vaginismus … Full Article »


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  1. 10 Common Myths About Vaginismus

    Find out about the most common vaginismus myths and learn the truth. Full Article »

  2. Vaginismus - a lonely condition?

    Vaginismus is a very lonely condition. The stigma behind any sexual disorder is crushing but vaginismus is so misunderstood that … Full Article »

  3. Are you suffering from painful intercourse?

    Are you suffering from painful intercourse? If so, you are not alone. Female sexual pain is … Full Article »


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