Vaginismus Kit Reviews

New Future Ahead


Thank you so much for your book, DVD and dilator kit. I worked with it for several months and have successfully completed the whole program. I am very grateful. My husband and I have a new future ahead. We can't thank you enough.

Saved My Relationship


I just want to take a moment and personally thank you for doing what you do. This product saved my relationship. My husband and I have had problems having intercourse from the day we got married. While we were able to have partial inter course, it was painful and unpleasant. Our sex life was a big source of stress and pain for the both of us. While I had his support, I know my husband suffered greatly, and I couldn't help feeling like a failure, and felt the guilt weighing down on me, knowing only I had the power the fix the situation. A sex therapist diagnosed my condition, and a few months later, although we did not continue seeing the therapist, I decided to do my own research about vaginismus. At this point we were married for almost a year. I found your website and my life changed overnight. Just ordering the kit made me feel better, and more in control. Within one month we were able to have successful intercourse, and since then things have only kept improving. Now we are stronger and closer than ever, and we have you to thank. I will forever remember the impact this product has had on my marriage, my confidence and my self worth. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Exactly What I Needed New

After six years of marriage, I was able to have sex for the first time with my husband two weeks ago thanks to your vaginismus treatment kit. I blame my vaginismus on a conservative upbringing in a sexually repressed religious minority culture in the US. Though my then-boyfriend and I had been sexually active via non-penetrative sex for years before marriage, the pelvic muscle spasms arose when we tried intercourse for the first time following our wedding. The shame and confusion led me to avoid seeking medical attention for years. Your self help treatment kit was exactly what I needed. Going through treatment alone at my own pace, and watching gradual muscular improvement in myself as an athlete might see while training, were critical to success which took me six weeks from beginning to end. I'm at a loss for words... The phrase "thank you" feels inadequate. You have built mountains of good karma through your work. If there is a God, God bless you.

So Happy

Hi, This is T--- from Ethiopia. I am so happy to tell you that I overcome vaginismus by using your kit. Thank you. I am on step ten now I am working to enjoy sex.

By Far What Helped Me Most

I started this program in June 2014. At the time I had not been able to have intercourse for 3 years. My marriage was not consummated and my husband was ready to leave. Now, 6 months later, our marriage has been consummated and we are starting over together. I suffered with vaginismus for 11 years. I had horrible pain during sex and eventually was not able to have sex at all. The disorder took a huge toll on me emotionally and physically and did the same to my partner. It eventually affected our relationship and communication, my self esteem and confidence. Vaginismus very nearly cost me my marriage. During the years, I had talked to doctors, gyns about my symptoms, but no one ever mentioned vaginismus. I found this word, diagnosis and this website on my own desperately researching what was wrong with me. After so many years of pain, frustration, failure and embarrassment, I was so relieved to find this website, a place that seemed to finally diagnose me, but I didn't know if anything could "fix" me, but I was willing to try anything. I took a chance and ordered the books and dilators. They absolutely changed my life and have helped salvage my marriage. I decided to also utilize professional therapy from a sex therapist to further help me, but I did the books and dilators on my own time and they, by far, are what have helped me most. It took me 6 months to get through the books and to graduate though all of the dilators, but now I can have intercourse and it is not painful. What couldn't be done in all those years before, I did in 6 months. It isn't easy, but it is possible. If you really read the books, do the worksheets, the muscle exercises, watch the video and practice with the dilators, really follow the plan - you will see and make progress. Everyone will have their own time frame. Some will take more or less time than I did. But I honestly, can't believe I am able to even type out this review after so many years of suffering. Thank you so so much for giving me my life and marriage back to me.

Helped Me

The reason why I'm writing this account is because this website helped me a lot and now I feel the need to help other couples. When I found out about the kit and I read the reviews, despite not having much hope, I thought I should give it a try. The kit took a few months to arrive because I ordered it from Brazil but as soon as it arrived I started the program. My boyfriend and I were both virgins when we first tried intercourse and our first attempt was very frustrating for both of us. Even though he tried to be careful his movement was rough and ended up hurting me, I think this contributed to activating my PC muscles to block the future attempts of intercourse, which were also very painful. I don't think it was caused purely by this attempt, but also as a result of my physicological state that was worried about me getting pregnant - even though we were using the necessary contraception - at an inappropriate time in both of our lives. We tried intercourse for 4 months, till my boyfriend had to fly back to his country of origin. He told me that he had searched why we couldn't have sex properly on online forums and I was doing the same when I found out about vaginismus and this brilliant website. It took me a while to be convinced I had it, but as soon as I was feeling sure about it, I let him know and he supported me. Even though we were living in different countries when I realised I had vaginismus I did the program, that has some parts dedicated to couples, by myself and I would always tell him how I was doing. This month, after almost 1 year of following this program, we were finally able to have successful intercourse. Now we are very happy and are sure that our sex life will continue improving with time and practice. So, thank you so much for putting work on a program that certainly is able to make people's lives better.

Helped Me Totally Overcome

Several years ago I ordered the vaginismus treatment kit. I've always wanted to thank you because it helped me totally overcome this problem and my husband and I are fine now - with a naturally conceived four year old son!

Gained So Much

My story began at a young age when I was forced to experience things sexually I should not have been experiencing at that time. This affected me as it lowered my confidence self esteem and sexually which was not realised until I found a very special man in my life, we started to have problems with painful sex. I saw gynaecologists who told me there was no issue and it started to affect us even more I would not feel aroused or want to have sex but because of past experiences I felt I had to do it to be loved even though my boyfriend constantly told me this was not the case. 3 years into our relationship we bought a house together and we thought things would get better but they seemed to be worse. We did some research and found vaginismus and all the symptoms matched so I ordered the books and dilators. I was very scared but I persisted daily and continued to feel jealous of people who didn't have a problem and was ready for that to be me and to stop allowing past experiences to affect the now. I always felt I wasn't good enough and through working on the book I have gained so much in relaxation techniques, self confidence and self esteem. And finally the end came pain free but I know this is just the start of my journey in gaining more confidence and self esteem to better my life sexually and personally and not let things stand in my way. I am so grateful of the books and they have been a massive help. Thank you.

Beautiful, Loving, Nurturing

I'm writing to express my thanks to you for writing such a beautiful, loving, nurturing book that has transformed my sexual relationship with my husband. Together for 16 years, this "issue" which went without a name for about 15 years had us both feeling ashamed, blameful and hopeless. Finally named by a sex therapist we went to for a consultation, we found your book, and worked through it together, along with using the trainers. My husband went so far as to practice the pc muscle exercises with me as his dedication to being part of the solution. Our sexual relationship has been transformed, thanks to working through the book. We can now have intercourse when we choose - it still feels delightfully novel and wonderfully surprising to have so much freedom and ease, and no more shame, blame or pain!

Thank you for writing in such a manner that I felt able to let go of the shame and negativity, and dare to to take each step that was so carefully and supportively laid out. My husband and I are truly grateful!

Felt cared for from the very first contact

I am forever indebted to you. I don't know what happened but I closed off to my husband for 23 years...then he had affairs....and I fell apart completely. All that love and we weren't working intercourse-wise. I had a book on vaginismus but it was all too psychological and made me just dwell on myself for answers I never thought I'd find. I went to a doctor and he just said, 'There's nothing wrong with you; women deliver babies though their vaginal canal.' He didn't mention anything about my PC muscle, biofeedback, that there might be others similarly situated. I left sobbing. As a last resort I searched the web, found you, ordered the kit and got down to work.

The first thing I loved were the people on the phone. So well-trained. Careful but direct. I just felt cared for from the very first contact. And you got me my kit in England fast!

My biggest impression was from the declarations. I remember memorizing them and when I went back to the book to look at exactly what was written, I remember thinking how each word was important; each word was there for a reason and it said what it wanted to say exactly right. I loved those declarations. I felt like whoever was responsible for whole progam just loved .... well.. me. It was like being taken by the hand and told I was step at a time...I am not alone or even that terribly messed up. Mind over matter. I'm 57, had been defeated for over 20 years and was in a terribly emotional state when I ordered your kit and you walked me right through!

So I write today because today was the day when I decided having sex with my husband would not be about concentrating on my PC muscle (unless I hit a glitch). Today was to look at my husband, breathe him in, smile, be in the moment and to start to really explore and enjoy this intercourse thing. And it happened. I am delighted and filled with hope. I feel happy and normal, in control and admittedly pretty emotional. It was easy and comfortable (not earth shattering), sweet, and good for us both.

I also remember thinking when I was reading your book--everything I had ever thought around vaginismus--about fears or myself etc. etc. etc.!--was somewhere in that book. You never offended or alienated or scared me. I'm a big strong girl--I'm a lawyer--but this was something I just couldn't figure out.

The only critical comment I have is this: My husband's penis is larger than your largest dilator (I always believed that was the problem--his size). So I just went to a sex shop and got a dildo/dilator that was the next size up...well a bit more) and practiced the same way. I probably should have gotten 2 gradations but they're expensive and I thought I could do it.

Anyhow, I probably should have waited to write to you until I was less emotional to share all this with you but I've been wanting to say 'Thank You' for a very long time. It took me closer to 3 months to get to where I am today but I really wanted to be sure I didn't trigger pain/fear. I'm also grateful that the program focused on the control of the PC muscle; not endlessly trying to figure out how or why I shut down. It was so present and future focused which I found so positive. (NB: I did everything you told me to do in that book. I didn't skip anything!)

So with all my heart to all of you, I thank you. I simply must sign this: Love, G

Amazing Experience

After over a year of trying to consummate our marriage I decided to search the internet for answers. I was tired of feeling like a disappointment to my husband. I was tired of hiding the truth from friends and times even lying to them when questions about sex came up. I felt so alone. I still remember the tears rolling down my face as I read testimony after testimony of women with the same feelings and insecurities that I had. I didn't feel so alone anymore! I sent my husband the link to the Vaginismus site as I really wanted to order the kit, but he was more skeptical of the product & site than I was.

I had been to three doctors who all told me I just needed to relax during intercourse, I left each appointment feeling more hopeless than before. I remember even trying to drink a lot of alcohol so that I would be able to relax enough to have intercourse (didn't work). Our marriage was in a rough spot-- him feeling rejected and me feeling inadequate. For months, I kept bringing it up and asking my husband if we could try the kit and finally after almost 2 years in a sexless marriage he agreed to give it a shot.

Going through the program was very eye-opening for me and helped me learn more about why I was tensing up so much. It not only helped me retrain my muscles but also helped to pinpoint where a lot of the anxiety was coming from. I realized that I had a very negative view of the male body from a very young age -- so much so that it was disgusting to me. The program helped me realize this is not the truth, that I was believing a lie because of my past. The graduated dilators also helped it seem more doable to me. There were hopeless days when I thought I would never be able to have sex (I could barely put a tampon in) and the program made it seem attainable! And it was! After three and a half months using the kit we were finally able to consummate our marriage just after our two year anniversary!

It was an amazing experience getting to have a "honeymoon stage" two years into marriage! I'm so thankful for this kit, those who have contributed to it, and the women who boldly wrote in sharing their testimonies! I wish everyone knew about this kit as a resource for Vaginismus so women would no longer have to suffer silently!

Life-changing program

I am writing to thank you so much for your wonderful program. My wife has struggled with Vaginismus all her life, has never been able to make love, and never understood what the real problem was. We have only been together for a few months but with the help of your program these past two months, we are now able to make love. Before and during the program it has been an uncomfortable and challenging time for us, we have both learned so much, and we are so very happy now. All thanks to your program which gave us the right information and the right tools to change our lives.

My wife now feels fulfilled as a complete woman and not 'abnormal' (as she always claimed despite my protests to the contrary) any more. And very importantly she understands that this condition was not her fault. I admire my wife for her courage to face her fears, and am so happy I could be there to support and love her during this life-changing program. We are much closer now and obviously much happier too. We could not have done this without your program.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been using your program for about a month and a half now, and today, my fiance and I were finally able to have sex again!!!!

This program really works and I thank everyone for making it possible to provide this product to women in need of it. Thank you soooooo much for helping my fiance and I overcome this!!!! This has helped save my relationship. Again Thank you sooooo much!

Sincerely, Extremely Grateful

I can’t say thanks enough

My story began when me and my husband first got married. We just got married 4 months ago and waited until we got married to have intercourse of any kind. I noticed when I went for my first pap smear that was over due, that it hurt and stung and felt like I was being ripped apart. I told the gynecologist I was in pain and she acted surprised and said nothing seems unusual but told me to relax which was hard to do. Later a few months past and my husband and I got married when we consummated the marriage it felt like shards of glass cutting me and it sent spasms down my legs causing my left toe to pinch a nerve that is still healing to this day. It doesn't hurt but it feels numb. I figured well sex is supposed to hurt the first few times but a few months went by and it wasn't getting better the pain persisted and I didn't know why. At one point it got so bad i couldn't get anything into my vagina. I never used tampons until I got married I tried them but I still don't like them.

I researched it online what this pain could be and found your vaginismus site and decided to buy the kit after thinking about it. I didn't want to go to the gynecologist as I was certain this is what I had since it only hurt when I tried to get his penis in. I have been working through the kit and it helped me resolve some underlying issues - I had a strict upbringing and was uneducated about sex. I learned alot working though the book about the female anatomy. Once I completed that stage I started on kegels and I was able to do those really well but still took a week to focus on them while working on the "Mind Over Matter Part" but the time I got to the insertions they looked intimidating and painful. But I just tried with the small one and kept working my way up to the largest one. I learned alot about my body and what kind of lubes it takes and how I should go about entering my husband . . . D4 gave me the most confidence as it seemed bigger than my husband.

One day we were in the mood and we weren't planning on entry but I worked it in like I trained and it went in pain free. I'm going to work one more week with the largest trainer to make sure but the sex it was a whole new experience. It even felt a little pleasurable. The more you practice the better it will get. I can't say thanks enough this is a great kit and I recommend it to anyone suffering from vaginismus. Working through the kit helped me learn more about female anatomy, my own body, and releasing underlying issues. It took about a month to work through this kit for me. I like that it's hands on and you can work at your own pace. Now I can move on and buy lubes and sex books :) . Thanks again!

Great work!

Thank you for the prompt reply. The best thing I liked about you vaginismus is that you are very quick in response. A few years back when I send one email to vaginismus, I got a very quick response. I had many queries. Daily I used to write emails to vaginismus and every day I used to get response, which made me buy the “vaginismus kit” and which made my and my wife life heaven from hell. That is really great.

Yes, please go ahead and post my message on your website (with my personal information removed). That is what I want. I want people who are suffering from vaginismus, should read our story and buy the kit and make their lives also heaven.

I would like to mention one thing that I am from India. Please do mention this in your website. My understanding is that in India there is very less awareness of vaginismus which is very bad. Though we had consulted 4 to 5 Gynecologists, It took 5 years to me and my wife to understand that my wife is suffering from vaginismus. Surprisingly I live in one the biggest city in India. Other people should not take this long to understand the problem. Women in India are very shy about sex. Even the women are highly educated but when it comes to sex, they are very shy. If they are facing vaginismus problem, I doubt whether they will aware that they are suffering from vaginismus.

Finally I would like to say that you guys are doing a great job. You will have tons of blessings from all over the world. Great work!

Baby News!

I would just like to send a belated thank you to you and your company. We now have a little baby boy and without your help I doubt he would be here. Thankyou! Thankyou!


I have purchased your treatment kit approx. a year ago, and it has been fantastic in treating my vaginismus condition. Had I not come across your website I would not have been able to receive help from my regular GP, I cannot thank you enough and should have done so earlier. I am now expecting my first child and I am 14 weeks pregnant. Much Appreciation

Thank You So Much

Thank you so much, especially Mark & Lisa Carter who care so much for thousands of women like us. I'm a woman from Bangladesh who was suffering from vaginismus and seeking help for last five years. And by the grace of Allah one day I found and by using complete vaginismus recovery kit now I'm almost cured. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. May Allah keep you happy always...

Amazing Treatment Kit

My husband and I got married a year and a half ago in March 2012, having waited until marriage to have sex (as Christians). As everyone has already said, it was a horrible shock to discover that he was 'hitting a wall' and couldn't go in at all. Over the first few months of our marriage, it caused a lot of tension as it seemed like I just couldn't relax, and he was frustrated. I felt so inadequate, and like a failure, as if I wasn't a real woman. Then I found this website, and your amazing treatment kit. I worked through the booklet, alongside seeing a sex therapist (referred by my GP) and a personal therapist. I realised how negative I felt towards sex having been brought up in a strongly Christian home, and told not to do it, and then one day (wedding night) to suddenly do it! It was hard to transition to seeing sex as something positive. Anyway I worked through those issues and then started using the dilators... I gave up for a while, as I was additionally going through bereavement and it was too draining to attempt it, but it began to build tension between us again, even though we were orgasming in other ways. We ended up having a 'make or break' row, where my husband said he'd reached the end of his patience, and I said I refused to do the treatment without his full support. We agreed to see it as OUR problem, not MY problem, and since then he's been preparing the lube and dialators each night for me, encouraging me, and putting them in for me sometimes! Then, 17 months after our wedding date, we finally got to step 10 and managed to do it, slowly and awkwardly, but it worked! I cried for about an hour afterwards, letting out all the issues and emotion over it, as its been such a hard journey. Since then, I've realised that sex doesn't solve everything, or change your life massively, but it does bring a new closeness and 'oneness' that enriches your relationship. I'm so grateful to you for the kit, and to God for helping us! Keep going if you're still waiting for breakthrough, its unbelievable but it DOES happen! You need to be determined though, and make time for it almost every day. All the best...

Invaluable Guidance and Inspiration

I am writing to thank you for your services that have helped me to overcome my primary vaginismus. I purchased the full kit eight months ago, and am now happy to say that I have been cured of this condition. I still remember how my hands quivered when I googled my condition for the first time, shortly after my wedding late last year. I was worried and scared, and was extremely relieved to find out not only that I had a recognised condition that was treatable, but that there was accessible, affordable treatment available. I ordered the kit straight away, and with my new husband's support, followed everything the book directed, including booking an initial visit to my GP, followed by a visit to a Sexual Health Doctor, the latter being quite impressed with my progress using the kit. The medical professionals (including a few visits to a specialised physio) did help me with my confidence and fine tuning, but my overall progress was definitely due to the course itself. I also gained some invaluable guidance and inspiration from hearing about the experiences of so many brave women on the private forum. Thank you again so, so much. My husband and I will always be grateful.God bless

Very Happy, Healthy, and Loving Sex Life

It was the month of August 2012 and we were a few months short of being married 7 years and still no sign of me getting pregnant. My biological clock is ticking fast..I never thought it would be so hard to get pregnant. All my friends were getting married and having babies. What was wrong with me? Why couldn't I get pregnant? Is my vagina too small for my husband's penis? I was always very healthy and strong. I did discover that when I went for a cervical smear test I became very nervous, anxious and experience pain when the instrument 'speculum' was inserted. Ouch.. I had to ask myself Why Me? My husband was at the doctor's one evening and mentioned it to his doctor who at a later date referred us onto a Pychotherapist. Our 1st appointment was on the last Thursday, August 2012. We discussed our problems with him. From then on we met once a week for an hour and he asked us to do some exercises that would help us to connect and relax. In October 2012 our Pychotherapist discovered from the way I was feeling and due to a bicycle accident I had when I was a child that I suffered from this condition known as 'Vaginismus'. I never ever heard of this condition before. He done some research and saw there was a book and kit I could get that would be most beneficial to me so he ordered it online and I began the program. I started on Step 1 and worked my way gradually to Step 10. In March 2013 I can proudly say I overcame 'Vaginismus' and can now enjoy a very happy, healthy and loving sex life. I am so grateful to:- Mark & Lisa Carter for this splendid book, my Pychotherapist for all his hard work and patience and to my husband for all his help and support during this difficult time in my life. In the future months to come we would love to start a family, but in the meantime, we can now both enjoy having (pain free) sexual intercourse regularly and it's only wonderful. A dream come true finally for both of us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

This Is An Amazing Program

Thank-you so much helping me. My husband and I have been married for 7 years. We have been unable to have sex more than a few times a year. There is no logical explanation for my vaginismus (I was never abused, had an injury, surgery, or an overly strict upbringing). I discovered your website and realized my husband had made the exact comment of some of the other husbands - that it felt like he was "hitting a wall". I knew then this is what I had and why sex was so difficult for us. I had seen 3 OB/GYNs. None seemed concerned about my problem. This is an amazing program, and I have recommended it to my new OB/GYN in case she sees anyone else like me. I worked through your program for over a year, and we are finally able to work towards a normal intimate life. We got pregnant my 1st month after I completed the program! I don't think our life can still be considered "normal", but we are the way to getting there. Thank-you.

No Other Techniques Worked

My wife and I had been married two years before we found your site. We ordered the kit (i.e. the books and the dilators) and followed the program diligently. We are happy to tell you that we successfully consummated our marriage last week. We cannot tell you how grateful we are to you. No other techniques worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best Thing

I would just like to thank you so very much for providing this program and the kit! After discovering that I had vaginismus four months ago I was disheartened by the lack of information and help that seemed to be available to me. However, after some searching I stumbled upon this website and I can safely say that it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Within only three months of ordering the kit, I have been cured of vaginismus! I really cannot recommend your kit highly enough! Thank you once more for enabling me to overcome this disorder. It has changed my life for the better!

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart

Thank you, thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. I know I could not have done it without your help and the kit. My first marriage was unconsummated and I was miserable wondering if I could break this pattern in my second marriage. I didn't even try to have sex in my first marriage. Just the thought was painful and pap smears excruciatingly painful. Thank you for having this website so easily available to everyone. This was a problem I could not speak to anyone about and could not figure out. It took me 5 years of pain to discover that there was a solution. I am now able to have intercourse easily. It took about 3 years into my second marriage to finally have sex and I am so grateful that I am healed. I was about to join a $3000 program to help with the vaginismus but decided to give the dilators a try again. To everyone, who has tried the dilators but not succeeded, please try again. Sometimes, the body just needs a little time to adapt but it does, does work. I promise. All you need is a commitment that took me awhile to make. Now, we look forward to having a baby together. Also, your customer service was awesome.

Best Decision Of My Life

Struggling with Vaginismus has been the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I was depressed and felt like I would never overcome. I had heard about the kit, but didn't want to pay the price, especially if we could do it on our own for free. But after 10 long months of marriage and no sex, my husband and I were at our wits end. I caved in and made the best decision of my life. Your kit came in the nick of time! One of the most useful tools was the forum. I was encouraged by other testimonies and told that this disorder does not define who I am. I need these contacts with women who felt the very same feelings as me. I no longer felt alone. I couldn't wait to share ever progress I made with them. This week my husband and I had sex for the first time. And after 3 times it was even enjoyable for me. I am indebted to you and have already shared the site with others. I feel so great about the progress we made in so little time. It's true that it does take time and devotion, but it's worth it. I couldn't have done it without the kit. Thank you so much for such a quality product.

Immensely Grateful

I thought I was a desperate case.I bought the “Completely overcome vaginismus” kit and followed the programme supported by my husband’s support and patience. I still can’t believe that we made it! We still have many things to learn and difficulties to overcome and it isn’t always easy, but we have so much more confidence and hope now because what we thought impossible became possible! I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because if it weren’t for you, for your simply existing and being there with your precious book, kit, advice, competence and heart my husband and I would never have been able to have intercourse. You helped us make our marriage more complete. We are immensely grateful, God bless you . .

So Relieved

A big weight off my shoulders!Thank u! I visited a gynacologist after being married for nearly 4 years and not having pain free sex! She suggested using ur kit during the Christmas break and if it didn't work, suggested doing a surgery .. I had no faith in the kit but because I had to wait a month anyways, I decided to buy the kit.. Well I am so relieved that I did! After using the trainers, I realised that this was going to work, I called up my doc and postponed the appointment. I am so happy to say that we just had pain free sex for the first time and enjoyed doing different positions that my husband had always wanted to try! I never expected it to work, I thought I needed surgery to open up my vagina!! Thanks a ton!

Happily Normal Married Couple

Hi, First thing I would like to say -THANKS A LOT TO VAGINISMUS! This email is regarding use of product “Vaginismus Treatment Kit”. Actually I am writing this email very late. My wife suffered with vaginismus problem a few years back. Initially we did not understand the problem. She was suffering with lots of pain during penetration. We met various Gynecologists. No one actually could figure out the problem. Every doctor said that this is normal. Initially females get pain during penetration and later things will get settled down automatically. That was really horrible. Finally we came across one Gynecologist. She did the medical examination of my wife. She also suggested that there is no problem then finally when we told her that every doctor is saying the same but the problem is not getting resolved. Then finally she said that my wife might be suffering from vaginismus problem. We came home and then did search on internet about “what is vaginismus problem” and what is the cure of it. We came across website. We read through that entire website content. We were not very sure about which product to buy and whether it will cure my wife’s problem. We wrote an email to the helpdesk of Vaginismus. We got an immediate response with proper guidance. We trusted their guidance. We ordered “Vaginismus Treatment Kit” which had books, set of dilators and video. Once we received the kit, we read the book and watched the CD. After that we started the treatment using dilators. It took one month and we become happily normal married couple. We suffered for 5 years with this problem and no guidance/solution from Gynecologist. After 5 years when we used “Vaginismus Treatment Kit” it resolved the problem 100%. The final good news is that now we are parents of 1 year old kid. God bless to Vaginismus!(from India)

An Overcomer

Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment program – it’s changed my life and helped me get over vaginismus, a condition I was beginning to think, had no cure. I’ve been married for 5.5 years and have been living with vaginismus for all these years. Over the years I’ve been to doctors, homeopaths and sexologists, and all of them told me different things, each of which was humiliating and painful. “What’s wrong with you – why can’t you just go ahead and have sex? You’re a fool not to!” “Looks like you’ve been torturing your husband by holding back sex” “I’m going to ask your husband to force himself on you” “You seem to have a serious problem and may have to live with it”. These are few of the responses I’ve got from qualified experts. I had suspected vaginismus when I couldn’t have sex, and used to mention this to doctors too, whenever I went in for check-ups. But they didn’t really believe me. And while the sexologist diagnosed the problem, he wasn’t sure if I could be ‘cured’. I had hit rock bottom, was getting frantic about my options to start a family and kept wondering if I could ever have sex, when I came across your website. I liked what I read, got hope from the testimonials and ordered the kit. It’s taken me over 4 months to overcome vaginismus, but the good news is that I have finally become an Overcomer! And I’m also thankful to my husband, who has stood by me all these years, never once pressurising me to have sex or ticking me off because of this problem that I had. Thanks a lot to both of you for coming with a product like this!

Never Dreamed This Was Possible

I ordered the workbooks and pack from you just over a year ago, having got to the point of thinking nothing would ever help me get through my vaginismus. It took me a long time to work through the workbooks (I wasn't convinced I was help-able), but carried on slowly, with a very patient husband. It was getting to the point, having been married for four years in our mid-thirties, of people wondering whether we were having trouble having a family. We were, but not of the kind anyone would imagine. Anyway, in February this year, my husband and I finally had sex! All thanks to your programme. We decided to try for a family straight away and I got pregnant that first month, with our first baby due in November this year. A few months ago, I would never have dreamed this was possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A Miracle For Me

I just wanted to thank you for your website and your vaginismus kit. I am 39 years old and was unable to have intercourse until now. I can't believe it took so long to find a solution to my problem. Finding your website was a miracle for me. I ordered the kit and followed the instructions to the letter. Within a few months, I had solved the problem by myself. Now my boyfriend and I are able to be together the way we've always imagined. The only thing I regret is not knowing about the solution earlier. truly changed my life. Now a whole world of possibilities is open to me: marriage, a family, a fulfilling sex life. Thank you so very much!

Oh, Happy Day

I simply cannot express to you how grateful I am for your book and the vaginal trainers. I was one of those girls who waited until her wedding night, and I know the two of you need not imagine my horror when I found I was unable to consummate my marriage. One hymenectomy and 18 years later, I still had yet to do so, when I ran across an article about vaginismus in an extremely tattered old copy of Woman's Day I found lying forgotten in an office. So that's what was wrong! Afterward, I ran a Google search and found your Web site -- oh, happy day! Because I had long incorporated Kegels as part of my sit-ups, and could insert a tampon (though that, too, had not been the case when I married), I was able to skip to Week 4 of your program, and after two weeks of extended-time insertions, I was through the final trainer. The transition to a penis was not nearly as difficult as I had feared and was accomplished on the first attempt, which I still can scarcely believe. I am not defective after all! Only someone who has been silently tortured by this could understand the depths of a sufferer's despair, and the two of you have truly brought me back from the brink. I wish you both the greatest happiness in life.

Victory Over Vaginismus

I wanted to send you all my many THANKS to you for your help. Here's my story--hopefully it will be an encouragement to other women: "Victory Over Vaginismus" My husband and I were both surprised when we were not able to have sex on our honeymoon. We had decided to remain virgins until marriage and knew that sex would be something new to us and that we would get to explore together. Little did we know that our search would lead us to finding out that I had vaginismus. Finding out that I had vaginismus was a shock to us. We found your helpful website and finally ordered your “Vaginismus Treatment Kit.” Going through your book, “Completely Overcome Vaginismus”, I discovered that my fear of pain and ignorance of my body anatomy played major roles that caused vaginismus in me. I started going through the first steps of your book in December 2010. I was able to insert the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trainers by the end of January 2011. By the middle of February 2011, I could insert the 4th trainer. After a few days my husband and I transitioned to intercourse and we were able to have intercourse for the first time after 1 ½ years of being married! Sex is easy and painless for us now and we hope that other couples will not be ashamed to admit their problems and seek help. Victory can be accomplished and the reward is so VERY worth it. Thank you for providing this help to many couples.

Wonderful to feel pleasure

I am so thankful that I tried your product. After four years I can finally say I consumated my marriage. Its just wonderful to feel pleasure instead of pain. Thank you again . .

Nine years without intercourse

Hello I just want to thank you for the help your products provided for my wife and myself. We went for nine years without having intercourse. I found your website and after sometime of getting over the embarrassment I ordered the kit for my wife and then waited months before I gave it to her. That was two years ago. My best friend, my wife worked through the books on her own time and now after nine years we are having intercourse thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We are much closer now and obviously much happier too

I am writing to thank you so much for your wonderful program. My wife has struggled with Vaginismus all her life, has never been able to make love, and never understood what the real problem was. We have only been together for a few months but with the help of your program these past two months, we are now able to make love. Before and during the program it has been an uncomfortable and challenging time for us, we have both learned so much, and we are so very happy now. All thanks to your program which gave us the right information and the right tools to change our lives. My wife now feels fulfilled as a complete woman and not 'abnormal' (as she always claimed despite my protests to the contrary) any more. And very importantly she understands that this condition was not her fault. I admire my wife for her courage to face her fears, and am so happy I could be there to support and love her during this life-changing program. We are much closer now and obviously much happier too. We could not have done this without your program.

It has changed our lives

Hi Lisa - Just to let you know I purchased dilators and books from you a couple of months ago. And on wednesday we finally had intercourse! We can't thank you enough it has changed our lives. Thank you so much.

Your kit is life-changing

Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times thank you for your amazing kit!!! It has really helped me and I am sooo happy and grateful to you guys. When I lost my viriginity the experience was horrible for me, extremely painful and since then I haven't been able to experience pleasure during sex, but your vaginal dilators actually thought [showed] me that I have an opening and that an insertion could be made without any pain. Your kit is life-changing, all I could think before I got your kit was that I don't have a good future and there would be no point for me to continue to live! It was a really hard time for me to accept that something so bad could happen to me.

When I was having the condition I started a relationship with a guy who I really liked (still do), but unfortunately because of my problem the relationship was going downwards so I had to overcome the condition on my own BUT now when I am cured I know I have a bright future in front of me and I am looking forward to it ;) .. and that's only thanks to!

Ladies please do buy it, be like us the ones who decided to change their lives and who didn't allow their own body destroy it! We all deserve to be happy so make yourself a favour and buy it.

The service was also superb! Thank you, GOD BLESS!!!

All her pain, anxiety is gone

Thank you Self Help Kit!! My wife is pregnant.

I am from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have been married for three years and consulted many doctors during these period as we can't have sex. All the doctor seriously criticized my wife, even my family. It seriously affected our married life.

Last January I was just searching on internet about these issues, I found your website. Discussed with my wife and I ordered the complete kit.

I can't believe myself till now..we exercised the kit from the smaller size to the bigger size step by step and within the second month her anxiety, fear whatever we call...all gone.

Thanks to God then to Vaginismus treatment kit...We are very happy now, all her pain, anxiety is gone and she is pregnant now!!!!!!!

Once again thank you...thank you very much... you guys gave my happy family life back !!!! Thank you very much...I will seriously recommend this product to who ever suffer this problem!!

Best thing I have done for myself

I cannot explain in words how grateful this kit has been (I am in tears...tears of JOY). I am from a South Asian country and believed in no sex till marriage, only to find out that sex had been impossible for me after marriage. We've tried for 2 years, but nothing..I wouldn't let my husband penetrate due to pain it causes me. Nothing could go in..not even the tip of a Q-tip. I tried to have a pap smear, but couldn't complete due to the pain and tightening of muscles. We've been trying to conceive and it was just impossible (there was no way it was going to happen without penetration). When researching online, I stumbled upon this website and was amazed to see it wasn't just me alone! I had all the symptons and read the testimonials, though I must admit that I wasn't convinced but thought I would give it a try and purchased the entire kit. Let me tell you, it has been the BEST thing I have done for myself. I went through the book and the exercises at my own pace at home and as I progressed through each chapter I gained more and more confidence that I can do this. I was able to insert the largest dilator within 3 weeks of beginning the program. My Gynec was surprised that I was able to do it and by my progress. I and my husband were able to have intercourse and guess what, after 2 weeks of completing the program, we CONCEIVED!!!! I am 3 months pregnant now!!!!!! I had a pap smear and did not feel a bit of pain. It wouldn't have been possible without this kit. This has changed my life. Vaginismus can be treated, if I can do it..anyone can do it. I encourage people with this problem to give this a chance and trust me it will work! I am writing this review to let you all know that this kit REALLY works!!

It is possible!

Several months ago I found your web site and purchased your kit. I had vaginismus and can't thank your web site enough for not only helping me diagnose what was happening but also to offer me a solution! A solution that I worked on through your web site, your book (which came with my kit) and through taking the steps to help cure my problem! I was nervous and scared at first and worried that the " i can't do this" thoughts would prevent me from being able to solve this problem. Starting slowly and getting excited when small steps lead to the next steps was such a great feeling!! I just wanted to write you because if not for your web site I would still be wondering what was wrong with me! I hope others will be lucky like I was to find your web site and cure themselves of vaginismus! It is possible!! Thank you !

Gave me courage

Dear Mark & Lisa

I would like to say to you thank you a lot!!!! Tonight my husband and I were able to have our first complete intercourse! I do not still believe it is true!! We experienced in a wonderful way, since it was without any pain or discomfort. We got married two years ago and vaginismus was a big big trouble in our life.... a lot of tears, a lot of bad thoughts ..... Then, I discovered your wonderful website and immediately I decided to purchase your kit. In more than one month I solved my problem.

I would like to say to you that your books are fantastic and rich of details, but above all I found very useful the trainers. They helped me a lot in my steps to overcome completely vaginismus, they were real friends for me!

Through your materials, particularly reviews section, I found that many women face vaginismus, and this issue gave me courage since before I feel completely alone in this suffering condition.

I strongly suggest this kit to all women facing sexual pains, it is unique !!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, you gave me a wonderful dream ......

I am so grateful!

I ordered your kit 2 years ago and I was cured after using the dilators and manual. My life totally changed and I am so grateful!

I am COMPLETELY better!

I just want to say THANK YOU for your wonderful product!!!!

I had vaginismus for the first four years of my marriage. I didn't understand what was wrong. It was very embarrassing to me, and I felt terrible to my husband. I finally got the nerve to talk to my gynecologist. She directed me to your site and told me about the dilators. I purchased them immediately. I went through the whole program and am ecstatic to say that I am COMPLETELY better! I had no idea that sex could feel so good. I just can't say enough to thank you. My husband and I have never been happier. I used to cringe when he wanted sex and now I want it too. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Now I'm ready to try for our first child.

It sounds corny but words cannot express

Thank you so much for the kit, it has changed my life.

I have been suffering from secondary vaginismus since I was 18 and I am now 29. I have seen every consultant going and with no joy until now.

In January 2009 I vowed to get better and went to see my GP. Thank goodness for her, she had a friend who had used one of your kits and recommended i went on your website. I cannot believe the difference this has made to my life.

I am getting married next year and I always worried i would never be able to consummate our marriage without being in sheer agony during and afterwards. Thanks to your kit I feel 'normal' again and am enjoying a healthy sex life once again....right on time as I reach my 30s, supposedly a woman's peak!

It sounds corny but words cannot express what a wonder this kit is!

Thank you so very much. Best wishes

Cried in each other’s arms

I just have to write with tears rolling down my cheeks and say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! My husband and I decided to wait until after marriage to have sex, and soon discovered that it wasn't happening. We tried a few times with no success -- just lots of pain and feeling like he was hitting a wall. It became super frustrating, as many here can attest. Instead of being proactive and trying to find a solution, I adapted a "maybe-it-will-go-away-if-we-don't-talk-about-it" mentality. It was our elephant in the room, the huge problem in our otherwise perfect marriage. It was painful to hear other people talking about sex, or to hear of other friends getting pregnant, when we knew that was an impossibility for us.

My husband found your website around Christmas 2008 and we ordered the kit in March 2009. Due to my many excuses, I didn't start using it right away. Our relationship continued to be strained, and we even split up a few times this summer, only to get back together, knowing that we wanted to be together but desperately needed this element in our marriage. I began using the kit in May 2009, starting with the simple Kegel exercises. To have such small successes even at first was inspiring and motivating to keep going. I knew I could do it!! The day of my first insertion with D1 was amazingly empowering. I just can't explain the feeling when you are finally in control of something that you struggled with for so long. I faithfully continued with the training exercises over the next couple months, and was amazed at the progress.

Although I was scared about the progression to intercourse with my husband, the transition was nearly seamless. It was just so (for lack of a better word) AWESOME to finally share this with my best friend. It was an intensely emotional experience, and we cried in each other's arms. We now share everything, our 4-year-old marriage is finally consummated, we are intimate in every way, and it feels insanely wonderful.

I cannot thank you enough for this kit! It provided me with the information I needed to overcome my condition, as well as encouragement throughout the process. My life has definitely changed, and I AM HAPPIER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN!! I no longer regard myself as a freak, and my husband and I are fulfilled and satisfied in a place where we never thought we would or could be.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Without a doubt, the BEST $100 we ever spent. You truly saved our marriage, and our thank-you's will never ever be enough.

4 years of miserable guilt and anxiety

Dear Mark and Lisa Carter,

I want to you thank you and your team for putting this great resource together-It not only helped me overcome vaginismus, but freed me from the miserable guilt and anxiety that had engulfed me for the past 4 years of my married life.

I did not even know that I was suffering from this condition before I visited your website-And I am so glad that I did. I was a virgin before I got married and feared sex greatly (partly due to a strict and conservative upbringing; and ill-informed friends and acquaintances). My husband had great expectations of intimacy from this new relationship-and these were repeatedly crashed again and again--and I held myself responsible-not knowing whom to talk to-where to go to seek help! Frustration was growing and something needed to be done! That’s when I came across your website and ordered the self help kit--and the rest is history.

I am elated at this new personal achievement of mine and I want to pass this message to all those that visit your website seeking help:

"Look no further-In finding this website-consider half the work already done!! Go ahead and order the self-help kit-It will work wonders! -Good Luck!'

Thanks again,

Also-Since this is a very personal matter-I would appreciate if you could please keep my information confidential-Please do not publish my name and other details anywhere.--you can post my message---but PLEASE PLEASE do not post my name anywhere.

11 months of extreme pain

How can I say thank you enough for your wonderful website and products? My husband and I had been married 11 months but the extreme pain during intercourse had reduced our sex life to zero! In our frustration, we had tried silly things like getting me drunk in the hope that I would be too knocked out to feel anything! Of course it was in vain! That PC muscle was never fooled by any trick!I had visited several sex specialists who insisted there was no such condition and I only had to get used to my husband's "size"! Many had prescribed herbs to stimulate my lubrication which in their opinion was the cause!! None of their solutions worked!

Then one morning after another of our endless failed attempts, I went to the internet and just like that I found you!!! I could not believe the stories of so many women out there going through the same thing!

My immediate concern was the fact that many of the site and product users were from the US! Being in Uganda, Africa, I wondered whether I would benefit from the products!

Of course my fears were dispelled by your quick response to my order and your reliable call centre! In three weeks I had my kit delivered right at my doorstep!

Within a month, the powerful PC muscle had been conquered and slowly we were mastering the art and tact of sex!

Althogh I know we still have a lot to learn (and hope we never stop) I must stress that you opened this entire world of possibilities to us! Thank you, thank you and keep up the good work!

Am constantly on the look out for anyone with the same problem so I can share your solution. I have also introduced the product to the sex specialists who did not know about it. That is my simple way of giving back!

Laslty, if you ever want to do any work in Africa, you know you can count on me!

Much love and gratitude

Unable to have sex

I just want to give you my positive feedback after using your product. I have purchase the book/dilator kit and the result is amazing. Before your site, I have visited numerous physician and they don't really have an answer to cure my problem. I was worry about my relationship with my boyfriend and that unable to have sex would affect our intimate relationship. But thanks to your service and product, after just a month and a half we are able to have intercourse with very less pain. Before this, I was unable to do a prep test or even put in a tampon. Even my physician who had never heard of your service before are amaze by the result.

I hope you can continue help many other women who suffer from the same problem. Vaginismus should not be a burden for any women. I will definitely pass on my positive experience to other who had similar situation.

Great and Quick

I wanted to thank you for making the book and kit available. Your service in sending it out was great and quick and easy, and your website is excellent and informative and so glad I found it. I wish we had someone like you in the UK! Kind regards [Editors Note: We are active in the UK and regularly help women in all countries with vaginismus]

Constructive Criticism

I am writing to thank you for your excellent kit and also offer a constructive criticism of the website.

I overcame vaginismus in about 6 weeks using your kit, and am very thankful for this. I also found the forum extremely helpful, and still use it from time to time.

I have recommended your website to my GP and today to a top fertility consultant, who was very interested to hear of it and the success I have had with it.

I knew about your website for a long time before ordering the kit. The reason I didn't order it earlier is that the website gives the impression of a glossy advertising website which is selling something. I assumed that if you are putting that much effort into selling it with all the photos of models then it must be a product that doesn't work.

There is no need for all these pictures of perfect people, as if you are trying to promote a product. You are offering a very effective solution to a problem. No one would buy the kit unless they needed it, but it a shame to put people off buying it because it looks so over-promoted and advertised that it must be a gimmick.

I am British so perhaps the website does not give that impression to Americans, but from reading the forums I know I am not the only one who knew about the website for a long time before ordering from it.

The new testimonies and information on what the treatment involves go a long way towards giving the impression that this is actually a kit for real people with a real problem rather than a gimmick for supermodels, but I still think there is no need for all the glossy photos.

Once I got into the forums and saw that here were real people struggling as I was I had a completely different view of the website than I got from the glossy photos and advertising speak of the main pages.

Thanks again for a very valuable kit. I hope the front pages of the website don't put anyone else off buying it who needs it.

Changed my life

Your website and materials have given me hope and helped me change my life. Thank you so much.

I know I will be able to overcome this

I received your kit a couple of weeks ago....I have read and watched the DVD.....I have just started the insertions....I'm very happy with my small success! The knowledge you provided me has helped me so much and I can't thank you enough.....I have been living with this and feeling so embarrassed and not normal....I am lucky to have such a supportative husband....thanks to you I know I will be able to overcome this! Thank you so much!

A 1000 ‘Thank yous’

I am 68 years old and my husband is 54. For 5 to 8 years now intercourse has been increasingly painful. I have visited several doctors over the years with no relief. My family doctor said I did not need to see a gynecologist and told me to use [vaginal moisturizer] when needed. I saw a gynecologist anyway and she said I had vaginal atrophy and to have a hormonal ring inserted into my vagina every 3 months @ $375.00 a time. 4 strikes there - 1. Too expensive 2. Invasive 3. Unknown side effects and 4. Unsanitary.

Then I discovered a sex therapist, offering treatment for medical and psychological therapy. This doctor told me to use [vaginal moisturizer] 3x week and not to bother with dilators. After . . month or so I started to feel irritations from it and stopped using it. Fortunately I knew enough on how to undo the damage with natural remedies e.g. GSE douche, special tea and beet juice drinks to restore PH balance. Meanwhile I prayed for a solution: to a least have pain free sex. It would not be fair to my husband to no longer have sex. Then I discovered your product on the internet.

I ordered your full package and have never been disappointed. There was some delay in your company receiving my check and your employees sent the order out anyway. The communication between us was always kind, prompt and helpful. Fortunately they received the check soon after. I then started sharing this information with my husband and he has been extremely supportive. He waited several months and never asked when, when, when before resuming intercourse. He booked us a week trip to Mexico in January which gave me a goal to be ready. About 4 nights into our trip there were flower petals on our beds. I thought it was because we had been so patient with the staff as they had a huge influx of vacationers leaving and arriving that day and did not make up our rooms until after 9:00 pm, but I also think my husband might have ordered the flower petals. I keep forgetting to ask him. I asked him to read the book you sent so he could understand. I never saw him read it but apparently he did. Our love making and sharing has improved so much and is barely ever painful. We have always had a special connection but our friendship is even richer and more patient now.

I am amazed at how smart you have been to figure this all out. The whole world should know about your product . . There must be many people that need your product. It is so helpful and reasonably priced.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, a 1,000 thank yous.

Kit was fantastic

I suffered with Vaginismus for years and my long term relationship suffered... we finally broke up 18 months ago, but I ordered the kit from your site and decided to finally overcome this problem. The kit was fantastic and helped me no end... I have been using tampons for the first time in my life and just 2 months ago I met a lovely new man. I had sex for the first time with him two weeks ago and it has been fantastic since!! I finally feel that I am a complete woman. I spent years listening to people talking about their sex lives and felt so left out.. I would urge anyone suffering to order your kit immediately.

Thanks for helping me get my life back

Thank you so much for this website and for producing the self-treatment kit available on this site. I've been anxious about having anything inserted into my vagina since I was at least fifteen. All through high school and college, I have been tormented with this fear which has caused failed relationships, an uncontrollable anxiety concerning gynocology exams, and feelings of frustration, confusion, embarrassment, and inadequacy.

I felt so alone in my struggle as I heard about my friends' great sex lives and how wonderful Cosmo made sex sound like. I thought that I was defective, weird, and had no idea that other women felt like I did. I thought that my love life would be nothing more than me dating someone for a while, and then for the relationship to end abruptly once we would unsuccessfully try to have sex.

When I was 21, I met a man I fell in love with, and embarked on my first serious relationship since high school. He was very respectful of me, and never tried to push me. Eventually, we got engaged and I tried to engage in intercourse with him, once again unsuccessfully. I was crushed, and he felt that maybe I was not truly attracted to him. I did not know what was wrong with me; it was something like was blocking him from entering me, and I felt panicked and unable to control myself. A few months later, I was taking a pathopsychology class my last semester of college. I brought the textbook over to my best friend's house as soon as I got it so we could check out and giggle about some of the subject manner in the "sexual disorders" chapter. Then, I noticed a short section about sexual pain disorders and this condition called vaginismus. I was shocked. The textbook described exactly what I had been struggling with.

Right when I got home, I searched this term and came across this site. The testimonials and descriptions hit so close to home. I knew I was not the only woman who felt the way I did. Right away I ordered the kit and called my fiance to tell him about my discovery.

I'm happy to say that now I have a very active and pleasurable sex life with my husband, and recently underwent my first Pap. A year ago I would not of thought all of this possible. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back!

Very grateful

I want to thank you for publishing these helpful books and for developing the dilators. I have been married for almost three years now, and had never experienced intercourse before marriage. Our honeymoon was frustrating and painful, but we were able to achieve intercourse towards the end of our trip. Sex was painful for me then and has been ever since. I have seen various doctors and they all told me that everything looked normal. Beyond all odds, I gave birth about 7 months ago. I hoped that the act of giving birth would solve my problem but was frustrated to discover that intercourse was still painful. I finally went in to see my OB GYN again last week and she gave me your phone number. I did an internet search for the dilators that she had mentioned and came across your website. Until then, I had never heard the term "vaginismus" but knew immediately that it was what I suffered from. Your kit arrived in the mail today, and because I had already been doing kegels from the pregnancy, I was rapidly able to go through all of the steps. This evening, my husband and I were able to achieve pain-free intercourse. Thank you again. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for publishing what you learned for yourselves. It seems that my experience is not typical, but feel free to publish it if you feel that it will be useful to others (just please don't use my name). Thanks again!

Live the life that you deserve

I want to thank you and your husband from the bottom of my heart for helping me to cure my vaginismus. I have suffered from this since my teens but it really became a problem for me after I married the most wonderful, patient understanding man in the world. I got so worried about the problem that I suffered quite badly from depression last year.

Your products are amazing. I had received some counselling for this problem but only when I received your products did we take the final step towards conquering this. I want anyone reading this to know that with the kit and determination you can and will overcome vaginismus and live the life that you deserve.

Really really really effective

I have had vag. since I got married in June 2008, but I did not realize what it was called and it is a shared condition with so many other women [until] after research I did with my husband . . around December 2008. Before that we were trying desperately on our own and faced with a wall literally and metaphorically. After we knew, we ordered the kit, and meanwhile we [had] seen a specialist with whom we spent an hour and paid 150$ . . . I felt encouraged a little bit by some advice but not up to the point. When I got the kit (Completely Overcome Vaginismus) I felt so happy to be working in privacy in my home on my case.

I would like to encourage all the ladies and (couples) here, this process is really really really effective. It is scientific and works mainly on the mind and it works! I thought I didn't have an opening and that most of the pain is from the hymen, now I know I had one and the hymen pain is almost nothing! It is the muscles and your brain! It is all in your brain!

I also would like to thank the people responsible for this process (the books, kit, forum...) for this great job and wish them the best of luck and prosperity from God! Finally and most importantly, Thanks to God who did not let my prayers and tears down!

Overcome my problems

I would like to express my great gratitude because due to your book and treatment kit I have overcome my problems and now I can enjoy a healthy sex life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We now can look forward to our retirement

Thank you thank you thank you. After 9 years and 8 different Doctors . . .one of whom . . routinely does surgery for Vulvodynia, I have been able to receive my husband's penis again.

The therapist I originally went to years ago and decided to try once more, recommended your book and told me one extra thing, to instead of bearing down like a bowel movement, to say "Ha", in other words, just a little bearing down.

I was successful on Valentines' Day. I cried and cried. I have Plantar sclerosis and something else hormone related that gives pain where my episiotomy was. I have used a cortisone ointment twice daily for the pain, then I used lots of lidocaine for the attempt. I had been practicing with the dilators a few times, but I got up to 100 each of the different kegels. I want to tell all the doctors at the Women's clinic where I go because this doesn't have to happen to women. It caused pain, an almost failed marriage, depression, shame, and all the other things you mention. I am 65 years old, and we now can look forward to the retirement we dreamed of having.

Guide to achieve a healthy relationship

Your products have "fixed" my broken self. For the first time, I don't feel like damaged goods. After the sexual abuse I've experienced in the past, I thought that sex would never be fun. My boyfriend and I worked together with your 10 step program and all I can say is that I'm amazed. I wish that every woman who is experiencing difficulties with sex is able to find your website. I've already spread the word to a couple of friends who have also experienced sexual trauma as a guide to achieve a healthy relationship. I am sure you read emails such as this all the time. Just know that I believe your products are worth every penny. Thank you.

Whole new approach

I read the . . book twice already :-) It was a whole new approach to me, so I wanted to read it completely to understand it better before the treatment. Now, I am at the Step 4. I loved this approach. It gave me a lot of explanations I needed and I think it was like a "sexual education" for me. It gave me more freedom, confidence, and now I feel better about sexuality. I think both books are amazing not only because of the information, which is clear and correct, but also because it is practical, organized, and respectful. And enjoyable too.

Cannot thank you enough

Hello..!! I would like to inform you that I have successfully completed the vaginismus self help programme and after three years of unconsummated marriage I am now able to have satisfactory intercourse with my husband. I took approximately 2 months to complete the programme and I am grateful to you all for having reached out to women like us. In fact I am going to speak about you all to my gynaecologist so that she can further recommend this to her other patients and more women can benefit from this. I cannot thank you enough for having changed my life in this way especially since I had lost all hope..thanks once again.

Major bonus!

I overcame vaginismus in December 2007 and while I do contribute to the forum I never sent a message to say how very very thankful I am to your website and products for bringing me where I am today - that is being able to enjoy pain free sex.

I still remember the first time I came across your website and how it described the symptoms I had but I had thought that I must have been the only person in the world who could not do what is the most natural thing. I remember crying and showing my husband what I had found and being filled with such positivity for what might lie ahead for us. Of course after I started the programme there were times when I thought I couldn't do it and times where I just gave up for a while but that is all in the past now.

As I said, I overcame in December last year (what a great Christmas present that was!) and I have since been thoroughly enjoying sex. To be honest my aim was to be able to have sex, actually really enjoying is a major bonus!!!! So again, thank you to you all for what you have done for us. We will be eternally grateful.

Happiest woman alive

I would like to thank you for saving my marriage. Me and my husband have been trying to have sex for years and we would end up more and more frustrated every single time we would try. After a while we got sick of trying and trying because we would get no where!! We ended up to stop trying. We would just avoid that subject because we wouldn't want to go through the disappointment again. I would cry and cry by myself cause I thought there was something wrong with me. I was scared my husband would cheat on me or leave me. I was devastated because he is the love of my life, he is my high school sweetheart. One day my husband comes home with a whole bunch of photo copies of your site on the internet. I started reading about vaginismus and stories of peoples lives that was my life. I was reading my life over and over again!!! I couldn't stop crying of joy that I wasn't the only one. That there was nothing wrong with me!!! I ordered the kit and I did exactly what it told me to do. 2 months later I was having sex with my husband and we were the happiest couple ever!!!! Thank you so much because right now I am 3 months pregnant with twins and I am the happiest woman alive cause this is what I have been waiting for my whole life, to become a mother. My dream has finally come true and we couldn't do it without the help of the vaginismus site and the vaginismus kit!!!!!!! Thank you again and again!!!!

Resolution in 9 days after 16 years of struggling

I just wanted to let you know that I have finally overcome vaginismus after 16 years of struggling with this condition.

Although my husband and I enjoyed a sexual relationship (outercourse as you refer to it), we were never able to achieve full penetration due to my muscle spasms. My husband could insert about 1/3 of his penis but then he hit "the wall". I have always used tampons and have had internal medical examinations so I knew there was nothing physically wrong with me.

Feeling frustrated on and off for years, I discovered your website and ordered your self-help kit. It was the best thing I could have done. I started straight in with the Kegels at 300 per day as I am a fit and healthy 37 year old. I then proceeded quickly through the 1st dilator and onto the 2nd. I did my Kegels around the 2nd dilator to get used to it and that worked really well for me. However, I reached a plateau with the No.3 dilator and could only get that 1/2 way in.

I then decided to adapt the programme to suit me more and tried inserting my husband's penis which I found less threatening somehow than the trainers. Unbelievably, after only 9 days into the programme and on my first attempt I was able to fully insert his penis and have been doing so for the past 4 nights with greater and greater ease and comfort. I have not experienced any muscle spasms and last night I was able to let my husband take control over penetration. I am able to move slowly around him using the Kegel exercises and we now just have to discover how to enjoy full intercourse more.

I cannot begin to tell you what a difference your programme has made to my life. My husband has been so understanding and patient over the years but I felt so frustrated and unwomanly! I felt abnormal and used to look at other women and wonder why I couldn't be the same as them.

To all vaginismus sufferers out there, try this programme and stick to it however hard you find it and whatever obstacles you may come up against. Don't give up because I never believed in a million years that I would achieve pain free sex in such a short space of time after all these years.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wanted to scream it from the roof tops

In the past I have seen a psychosexual counsellor, and a (very expensive!) top Harley Street (London) sex therapist. Both treatments unsuccessful - that's when I decided to google 'vaginismus' on the internet and stubbled across the website. When the trainers first arrived I felt shocked and upset - and immediately scared about failing. However, what's great about this program is that it let's you work at your own pace - no rushing, no pressure.

At 26 years of age, I managed to have full IC with my fiance and live-in partner of 5 years for the first time. I wanted to scream it from the roof tops, I wanted to cry - I felt such a weight had been lifted. Instead, I chose to smile inwardly as this has always been my (and my partner's) little secret....

I don't want to share my story to gloat - I want to share my story to hopefully inspire those on the program. It's taken me a year. At times I had breaks and gave up, at times I cried and felt like a complete failure, at times I felt stupid, at times I felt helpless and abnormal and that I'd never be able to make love to my husband so 'what was the point'....

I sought comfort by reading other's comments on the forum. But I also picked up valuable tips; practical tips that really helped me to succeed:

  1. Warm lubricant and trainer in warm water before staring insertion exercises
  2. Persevere persevere persevere
  3. When you think you've practiced insertions it some more (you can never have enough practice controlling your pc muscles)
  4. When it comes to inserting a penis for the first time - straddle the penis facing away from your partner
  5. lubricate lubricate lubricate (I dread to think how much money I must have spent on lubricant!)
  6. Review your declarations, often
  7. Love and respect your own body

And a couple of tips from me:

  1. Only do this program if you feel truly ready - be prepared to explore your past in order to move forward
  2. Read erotic fiction (this helped me to accept IC as a 'healthy' act)

Although I've achieved IC now, I feel I've only started on my journey. I'd like to diminish unhealthy messages and emotions towards IC entirely, and I'd like to be able to achieve a pap smear screening.

I have overcome primary vaginismus. I can tell you it has been the hardest, longest personal battle that I've ever had. Now I can thank Mark and Lisa Carter - for they truly are my saviors. I truly believe the vaginismus kit I bought is 'worth it's weight in gold'.

Thank you Mark and Lisa.

Words are not enough

I must express my sincere gratitude to you, for this great thing you did for me. I got the kit yesterday - you are so wonderful, words are not enough for me to thank you. I pray that you always get help whenever and wherever you need it. Thank you so much.

Helping silent sufferers

The book is very insightful and thorough. Well done for having such a professional website and helping silent sufferers all over the world!


I purchased your kit awhile back and finally started the process. I am done and was excited to be able to try intercourse for the first time in 2 years. Thank you for your help.

Thanks for having this website available

I purchased the kit with the dilators, book & video & received it in October 2007. I started the same day. I didn't have much trouble with the first two dilators. Today, I was able to insert the largest dilator after inserting the previous size first. I am so happy that my brother, who is an ob/gyn told me about vaginismus. I am almost 35 next month, married for 4 1/2 years & simply want to have intercourse finally & start a family. Thanks for having this website available!

Easy to relate to

I can't tell you enough how helpful your book and tools were and how easily it was to relate to and use them.

Very informative and practical

I managed to get the order through and have received the Kit a lot faster than I thought . . . so am hopeful it will help my problem as it seems to have been so helpful for others and is a very informative and practical kit.

Very happy

I had the vaginismus problem a year before, and now it has been solved, I express my thanks to you. I am very happy now.

Hope, prayers, and support

Dear founders and members, I received my kit today and look forward with hope, prayers and support from this wonderful forum that I will soon overcome vaginismus. Discovering this site, learning about the kit and reading through postings in this forum - has been a Godsend.  I have the most amazing and supportive husband in the world and feel truly blessed. But despite his love and support and patience, I felt very sad and alone with this problem. You can imagine our joy when I discovered there was a name for what I am experiencing, and to find that there are others who are going through the same thing was more comforting than I can ever express...I finally saw hope...I finally felt help could be on its way...and I am not some sort of freak of nature. My prayers are with you all...and THANK YOU...finding this means more to me than I could ever express.

Enjoying my life again

I just wanted to let you know that I bought Vaginismus Kit a few months ago and I'm now free and enjoying my life again. My husband and I are trying for a baby now, which was something I could only dream about a few months back. I wanted to thank you and if it wasn't for this kit and the book (which is a great help and support) I would still be suffering from vaginismus. Thank you so much. :)

Overcame secondary vaginismus

I recently purchased the vaginismus kit for myself and found it remarkably effective. Within three weeks I overcame my secondary vaginismus.  I'd suffered with it for two years (post breast cancer, surgery, radiation, chemo, and the discontinuance of HRT).

Depressing days are over

I want to thank you with all my heart. I received your products, and with concentration on the treatment, I managed to insert my husband's penis. It was the most exciting moment of my life and best of all I didn't even realize when he went in. It is all thanks to you. Those depressing days are over for now.

Hope to women all around the world

I've progressed very well from D1-D2 and now busy with D3. (I'm having a little bit of difficulty there but will keep going at it.) I'm writing because I cannot begin to explain how truly grateful I am for your help. I think I would've lost all hope if it weren't for this kit. I did not know how common this problem was and amazed at the extensive research already done in the USA. Thank you so much once again and may you continue to bring hope to women all around the world.

Intercourse without fear or pain

I am currently 39 years old and recently overcame my lifelong  disorder of vaginismus through the help of the book Completely Overcome Vaginismus by Mark and Lisa Carter. Although I attempted various other methods in the past and failed, this book was absolutely excellent and allowed me to have intercourse without fear or pain. Again, I highly recommend to any woman who has vaginismus to read Mark and Lisa Carter's book. I only wish I had found it years ago. 

Incredibly blessed

We became parents to a beautiful little girl in August. The pregnancy and birth all went really well. The thought of becoming parents seemed impossible to us for a long time. We married in September 2002. We overcame vaginismus in April 2006. Your kit played a crucial role in our success. We feel incredibly blessed. Thank you so much!

Successful in conceiving

We would like to thank you for the great help you have offered us. We purchased your kit and I was successful in conceiving in 6 months time. We have been married for 5 years and have been trying for a baby since then, but it was your kit and His Blessings that did the wonder !! We truly are very glad and thankful to your site.

Complete confidence

I cannot tell you the sense of gratitude I (we) have for the materials you and your husband developed. I'd been using other forms of dilators until your kit arrived and then began all the instructions immediately...  and voila...we're having a completely different experience... we were laughing and singing your praises!  ...not there yet but now we have complete confidence and hope that with continued work and commitment...we're going to get there very soon.  This time last week I was afraid it might never happen.

Tears of hope

It worked :) I'm crying tears of hope as I read others stories. I am so thankful that God put that interim doctor in the right place at the right time and she was able to say exactly what it was, without us having to go through all the painful years of not knowing that some of those on the forum have.

The entire kit was helpful

I just wanted to thank you and Mark for sharing your stories. Thanks to your helpful kit, I have been able to overcome vaginismus and engage in sex for the first time with my loving and supportive boyfriend. It's such a great feeling because I never thought it would be possible. Friends and family didn't understand what I was going through and I never understood whether or not something was wrong with me. The entire kit was helpful, everything from the video, the workbook, and the dilators. It's also comforting to know that I'm not alone and that so many other women have changed their lives thanks to your products. I'm so glad I found your site. I can't thank you enough!

Fast delivery

Thank you very much for the fast delivery of the package. We are glad about having found such a professional help and someone who understands the problem. The book is great!

Not alone

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing your information and products.  I ordered your book, and found that self-education has been 90% of my problem! My OBGYN basically laughed at me when I told her my symptoms, but your book addressed the problem and shed light on the subject in a kind, calm way. After reading your book I ordered the dilators, and am AMAZED to tell you that I've made incredible progress in just a few months - and to think all I needed was some education and support, and the knowledge that I was NOT alone.

Suffered for more than 10 years

My story began when I wanted to be a mother. I suffered with vaginismus for more than 10 years. I thought that with time, patience, and being more relaxed I would solve my problem by myself. It is a problem difficult to share with other people and I felt ashamed, very sad, and alone. I follow a sex therapy (my doctor send me to it) but it only cost me time and money. I wish I had heard heard [about] you sooner. I discover your webpage on the internet by chance and even though I was afraid to ask for such a material by internet I try and when I received all the material I followed the program. I am very happy to say that it's been a month of intercourse with my husband without problem. I could have never imagined so before! I could not end it without thanking the authors and all the people involved in this program for their great job and their huge help. I'm Spanish and I don't have a good english level, but I was able to understand the book and I recognized myself and felt all the feelings the authors mentioned. From another part of the world, I really thank you for saving me and helping me to overcome this difficult chapter of my life.

Changed my life completely

Your book has changed my life completely. I actually found your website by accident and finally found a solution to my problem that I hid from for years.

Very empowering

Thank you! Thank you! And Thank You!!! My husband and I were able to consummate our 7 year marriage. We are now able to have pain free intercourse without the help of dilators. I can proudly say that we overcame Vaginismus. We were frustrated cause, there was nothing wrong with either of us, yet sex was not a part of our lives. We were unsuccessful every single time we tried to have sex. Years passed by without success and we were under the impression it would happen magically, which was not right. Finally, after some research on the web we came across this wonderful website, which was a true blessing. And it was about time we took charge of our problems too. We immediately decided to order the Vaginismus Treatment Kit. Of course, I was very skeptical and had my own doubts. It will be the best spent 100 bucks of my life. It took me less than 2 weeks to overcome vaginismus and before we knew [it] we were having pain free intercourse. The step by step instructions in the book were amazing and the feedback from the forums is very empowering. It is so amazing to know that I was not alone in this world suffering from Vaginismus. I could relate to what other women experience. Thanks again for bringing this amazing product into our lives. We are on our way to a normal sexually active life!

Botox and Vaginismus

When we use Botox to overcome the vaginal spasm that occurs in vaginismus, our goal is for the woman to be able to have pain free intercourse. There is a high rate of success when Botox is used for vaginismus. Nevertheless this is not the entire answer, in that women who have never had intercourse are not necessarily fulfilled. Women need to understand their own bodies and what turns them on and also what does not. There is a learning process that is needed for both members of the couple.

These concepts are brought to light by the excellent book written by Mark and Lisa Carter entitiled "Completely Overcome Vaginismus". In this book the authors take the patient through the many considerations leading up to possible causes of vaginismus, and a step by step approach to overcome vaginismus using a series of graduated dilators, and the use of dilators prior to intercourse. Additional exercises are discussed to allow the woman to develop a greater awareness of their own sexual desires. For the patient who wants to move more quickly through the process, botox is useful in its ability to block vaginal spasm. When Botox is used in conjunction with the recommendations in this text, patients have one more modality towards the successful outcome that they desire.

This book as well as the dilators can be ordered from In our own practice this book has become a "must read" and our patients are encouraged to use the dilators after the botox begins to take effect. Generally botox is effective in about 5 to 7 days, but the process to achieve intercourse takes longer, generally about 3 to 4 weeks. We recommend that our patients move slowly through the process. Botox begins to wear off at about 2 1/2 to 4 months, so it is best to complete the process during that time frame. Once pain free intercourse is achieved, the vagina will remain dilated and usually repeat botox is not needed. At times a repeat dose is given if the patient needs a higher dose of Botox or if continued difficulties are encountered.

Peter T. Pacik, MD, FACS
Manchester, NH

I did it!




2 weeks pregnant

I'm happy to inform you that my wife is 2 weeks pregnant. We thank God for this. This must have happened in my wife's first cycle after overcoming Vaginismus. Pls rejoice with us.

Painless intercourse after 4 weeks

THANKS A LOT - Hi Lisa, I'm happy to inform you that my wife and I were able to have painless intercourse just about 4 weeks into the programme. We deeply thank God for making you and your partner a blessing unto the world. We also thank you for making yourself available to be used of God. Just yesterday, with my wife on top we were able to make very passionate love. We're still using the woman on top position for now. Once again we thank you for your kindness in sending your products to us in Nigeria. May God bless you real good. May HE bless and enlarge your work. Thanks. [names removed] - Nigeria
Praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God; for it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful. Ps.147:1 When you lift up your hands in praise to God HE will take up your hands and lift you up. Blessed be the Lord for HIS wondrous works in our lives.

It’s a blessing!!!

Thank you for responding and developing the material on Vag. It's a blessing!!! Thanks.

The treatment really works

The treatment worked for me. It is simple to understand and follow the steps. I am free from Vaginismus just using the kit. I am also 5 months pregnant as well. I want others to know that the treatment really works. Thank you So much.

Keep going with your magnificent service

I would like to start from the beginning of my vaginismus story. I'm a 27 yrs old woman. I got married in Jan 2007. Sexual intercourse for my husband and me was impossible for us due to the pain. I had taken biology but my practical knowledge about the anatomy was very low and so too was my husband's. We were very stressed and very disapointed with ourselves. My husband and I went to see a VOG and was prescribed a lubricant. It didn't work. Hopelessly, we went again to see the doctor and he suggested to stretch my vaginal opening by a small operation. We agreed and had it done at the end of January. We tried again & again with different postures but the pain remained and the intercourse was still impossible. We stopped to see the doctor & my husband and I decided to go through the internet for a more confortable lubricant and by miracle GOT YOUR WEB SITE! We immediately decided to order your complete kit. We got the kit at the end of March. I still can't believe our success! We got immense courage after having watched the DVD. I followed every step little by little. Started PC muscle group exercises at the end of March and continued for 2 weeks. I realised great progress in handling my PC muscle group. 3rd week, I was able to insert a Q-tip, then after succeeded to insert the 1st dialator to the 4th dialator!!! It took 3 months to get used to it thanks to God and to you! Today, 17th Jun 2007, my husband and I were able to have our 1st intercourse by a full penis insertion!!! without any pain.... Your guidance and every blessings of others [in the forum] was the secret behind our success! I will definitely tell about this to our doctor and make him aware about vaginismus and give him a copy of your magical journal! It gave life to us and now, we're trying for a baby.... after 6 months of our marriage we were able to acheive the intercourse!(Jan-Jun) THANK YOU!!! Keep going with your magnificent service throughout the world and give hope and courage to every one who suffers from vaginismus! You will receive all our blessings! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR COMPANY!!! from- K.N.S.S

It will happen to you

My husband and I have been married for 11 years. We have been trying to have intercourse, year after year. I thought I was a loser, a weakling. I couldn't believe I couldn't handle pain. I always thought "How come everyone can do it but me? What is wrong with me?" I felt I was the only one in this world that had this problem. One day my husband came home and showed me this website he had printed out. It was about vaginismus and pages and pages of women sharing their stories, MY STORIES!!!! I started crying like a little baby. I couldn't believe I wasn't the only one in this world. I was not a wimp, I really had a problem. To make my very long story short, I bought the dilator/book kit. It took me about 2-3 months but I finally did it. I am finally having sex with the man I love most in this world. My husband was the one that found the site, who I will always be thankful to, not for finding it but for believing in me and not leaving me. And thank YOU for saving my marriage. Thank you so much. To all those women out there buy the dilator/book kit and be patient and also believe in yourself. It will happen to you, just like it happened to me. Now we can finally try to have kids, wish us luck!!!!

16 years without intercourse

I was so pleased to discover your website last summer. My husband and I had been married for over sixteen years but had never been able to have intercourse. Although we have a wonderful, happy marriage, I always felt that there was a part of me that was incomplete as a woman, and that I was in some way abnormal. Doctors have told me over the years that I was not alone in having this problem, but it was only when I read the testimonies on your website that I truly believed that other women really had gone through the same physical and emotional distress as me. I cried so much as I read how vaginismus could be overcome.

One of the most difficult things for me over the years has been not having the chance to have children. When I reached 40 years old time I knew that time was running out, but I had never come across any practical help in tackling my problem until I came across the "Completely Overcome Vaginismus" programme. I thought there was little to lose (apart from a few dollars!) in buying it.

I steadily worked through the programme over a few months, and here we are in the Spring and it has worked!!! Over the past few weeks we have successfully had intercourse a number of times. I never, ever thought it would happen, and it is thanks to you that it has, after nearly 17 years! Sometimes, I still find myself wondering if I have dreamt the whole thing, but no.. it is very real. Thank you so much. I know it wouldn't have happened without your help and words are not enough to express how grateful I am.

I would urge anyone experiencing vaginismus to give this course a try. I really did have a severe problem which I thought would be with me for life. Please don't give in to it because you can overcome.

Only 2 weeks to overcome

I am cured! I had vaginismus 2 weeks ago. … [the doctor] had said that it would take 2 months but it took me only 2 weeks to overcome it! I am so happy. … It really helps. Good luck everyone.

Appreciate it beyond words

I had been with my boyfriend for over a year, and we hadn't had sex. I truly though there was something very very wrong with me. I thought I was a freak because there was no way we could have intercourse. I started looking online to see if anyone else had my problem and then I found your website and immediately ordered your kit. I did all the exercises and it was wonderful. I want to thank you so so much for helping me. I appreciate it beyond words could describe. Thank you thank you.

Giving hope

You have helped so many people with this difficult problem and given them hope in their life, and now you are helping me, too. Thank you once again so kindly. I hope to let you know soon that I have succeeded with overcoming this problem. Thank you so much for your support. God bless you.

Results are amazing

I would like to thank you for all the help and providing such a valuable resource to overcome our problems. The results are amazing and we hope to start our family soon.

Wonderful information in a sensitive manner

I am a gyne nurse and have been married for 6 months. I still have not been able to have intercourse with my husband. Sadly, because I am a nurse in that field, I was too embarrassed to tell anyone about my problem except my mom and my ob/gyn. During my annual exam, she had mentioned the word vaginismus, but didn't go into any explanation…I think she assumed I knew what it was and I assumed it was merely a term for painful intercourse. After discovering your website and completing the reading, I realized that vaginismus is what has put me into a state of anxiety and depression for the past few years (my ob/gyn even placed me on antianxiety medication). I just ordered the kit and, although I'm extremely nervous to insert the dilators, I am confident that this will lead me in the right direction. I basically just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such wonderful information in a sensitive manner. Every night, I feel like we need to try to have intercourse, and every night, it ends in tears and frustration. I hope to make a full recovery soon! I will let you know how it goes. Thank you so much!

Doing well with the program

I am doing well with the program … Thank you for your time, and website. It has been wonderful to know that other women are going through this too and that I'm not the only one.

Have now overcome

Hi, I had Vaginismus since 2002 and have now overcome it. I bought one of your kits a few years back. I would like to chat in the forum but I cannot see how to sign up anywhere. Please let me know if I can because I feel like I might be able to help some people going through the problem. Thanks.

Appreciate your book

I appreciate your book, and careful steps being available to women like myself. Thank you for your time in writing and providing it.

Overcame within 20 days

I would like to express my gratitude to you and to all the specialists that have produced these kits. Thanks a lot - my life has changed dramatically! And I feel myself much more better than I was before! Thanks a lot again! I managed to overcome it within 20 days. First, I passed a doctor's check and I joined to my husband. Thanks a lotttttttttttt!

Book was complete gift emotionally, trainers were a physical gift

I am thrilled to say that thanks to your book and kit, I have now overcome vaginismus! After many years of marriage, my husband and I are finally having intercourse. The tips and support provided in this book, opened up many locked away emotions, isolation, fears, doubts and secrets. I just assumed that I had some sort of serious issue with sex, that nobody else could possibly have experienced. I kept just hoping that one day the problem would disappear, but days turned into years, and the problem was never resolved. I was able to release so many emotions and doubts just knowing that other people actually had the same secret struggle. This book was a complete gift emotionally, and the trainers were a physical gift. The combination resulted in success for my husband and I. Thank you so very much!

You are my miracle

Me and my husband want to thank Mark and Lisa Carter for this great book and all the others on this site. You have done a great job by proving a solution to Vaginismus. I don't have words to express my joy. Every women who has this problem would understand the amount of mental tension one gets. I am an overcomer and am very proud of myself. It has been a long journey for me. I have been trying to have intercourse for 5-1/2 years but no success. I never experienced pain but had fear in my mind. My first experience with the gynecologist was horrible. I changed my gynecologist and she also couldn't explain me the problem that I had. I was literally falling apart and prayed for a miracle everyday. My husband is very understanding and loving. He has a lot of patience. We saw your site one day but couldn't decide what to do. Finally, we ordered the whole Vaginismus kit this May. I followed every step carefully and with a positive attitude and finally yesterday I did it. I am so grateful to you, please keep helping women like me. You are my miracle. Thank you so much.

To say the kit was effective would be an understatement!

I don't even know how to thank you for helping me overcome one of the biggest obstacles in my life! Before I purchased your kit, I was convinced I would never be able to experience sex. Only a little more than a month after receiving your product, I was on my way to a normal sexually active life! To say the kit was effective would be an understatement! THANKS AGAIN!

Resolution after 20 years

I just wanted to say that I bought the vaginismus kit (dilators and books) recently and I am very happy. After over 20 years of being unable to have intercourse, I had sex for the first time in my life! It was a miracle! I have been in a relationship for over 7 months now. The books really helped to understand my problem and, once I understood it, I overcame it practically overnight! I read the book and decided that I had had enough of my problem. The next day, I inserted the dilator number 1, next day dilator 2 and then I went for full sex with a man! It was wonderful. Thank you! I can now have the family I always wanted!

Help for secondary vaginismus

I found your books (the book and work book) really good for always taking into account that things might have been different for those of us with secondary vaginismus. Having secondary vaginismus, my biggest question was "why"? If I'd been able to have sex in the past, with my husband and previously numerous other partners, even one night stands (laying to rest the idea that you have to have a "trusting" relationship to be able to relax and have pain-free sex), why were my husband and I now unable to have sex? Although the journalling aspects of the early steps in the workbook helped, I'm not sure I truly understood "why" until we successfully had sex again after going through your program, when I was able to step back from it all. - I think for me it was just a cycle of getting complacent in our sexual relationship (it becoming a chore, you're used to each other and its not that mad rush to rip each others clothes off!!), not enough foreplay and not being aroused enough, it being uncomfortable to begin with, me tensing up, then it hurting. Then next time, my body expected it to hurt, tensed up, and the whole cycle continued. Ignoring the problem and hoping it would go away didn't work, it just made it worse and made us both feel terrible.

Illustrations and suggestions are very helpful

I checked out the website but did not purchase the books until months later. I wish I had done it sooner. The book and accompanying journal are very useful … the illustrations and suggestions are very helpful and it is so nice to read something that affirms how we feel as vaginismus sufferers … For me personally, the affirmations … and the suggestions on how to use the dilators more effectively were particularly useful as were the questions in the journal. My therapist … noted the usefulness of the book and the benefits to be had from using the affirmations and will be recommending the kit to other vaginismus sufferers.

You empower women like me in a gentle, non-threatening way

I searched the web, books, and doctors for a couple of years searching for a solution to this problem. All I read was that you needed to find some dilators and practice inserting them. Of course, no one explained where to find them or how to do this. The package I received from you put all the pieces together. Looking back, I also think it was necessary to show in detail how to do this … I referred to it in my mind when I would get nervous about inserting the dilators.

I also really love the tone of your written materials. I feel like you empower women like me in a gentle, non-threatening way. Finally, someone who didn't respond to my problem with a huge question mark on their foreheads. Trust me, you are the only ones.

… I think your program is wonderful and have passed your web site on to my doctor, at her request, so she can help her other patients with this problem. It's ironic, but I have given her the instructions on how to treat this problem based exclusively on your materials. Thanks again…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

My GP was actually really sensitive, a gentle woman. The best thing she said was not to try to have sex through the pain, to stop having sex altogether until I had resolved the vaginismus. This really took the pressure off as I was able to tell my husband this (although it was of course hard for him). … So it was off to the internet I went … came to your website and bought the kit. This step was a huge relief and empowering, I remember feeling that it was fantastic to be actually doing something towards changing our situation. I'm going to write a letter to all my caregivers telling them about my "recovery", and about your kit. … You can feel very proud that you have put together a product which has helped so many women. It can be a lonely road to recovery, but your product and forum made us realise we weren't alone, and that this too would pass. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. … P.S. Feel free to use any of my words in your promotional material.

Your kit is amazing

I think your kit is amazing. When we were virtually unable to have sex after my daughter's birth, I spoke to my midwife, went to 2 ob/gyns and to lots of appointments with my GP. I had scans and examinations, and all they could come up with was a diagnosis of possible "deep tissue bruising" from the birth - explained to me as similar to a shoulder injury the ob had experienced skiing! He said the pain could take up to 2 years to go away. They also mentioned the possibility of dyspareunia or vaginismus, but weren't able to give any kind of definitive diagnosis or treatment program. I just thought this was ludicrous.


I've already watched the DVD and started to read the book. It is awesome and I like the idea that everything is discussed in great detail for me to understand why things are happening the way it does! Already, just by reading the book, I'm starting to feel like a new person ... I just wanted to thank you

Your books: They are the best we have ever seen!!

We are sexual therapists, authors and speakers and have been in practice treating vaginismus for almost 30 years … We are very pleased to find you and your work. It is excellent. … I have also recommended your web site … I am finally responding to your books: They are the best we have ever seen!! We will use them for our clients from now on. The content, set-up of the content, thoroughness of descriptions and diagrams make it so easy to follow. Everyone should know about your books … we will definitely have them on our book table at our seminars.

Dr. Clifford and Joyce Penner
Internationally recognized sexual therapists, educators and authors
Pasadena, CA

Huge problem solved in 15 days

I'm a forty-year-old woman who hasn't been able to have intercourse for many years. One day I found your site, I bought your vaginismus kit and in 15 days my huge problem was solved. Thank you!

My physician loves it

I showed your product to my physician. He loved it, and he has photocopied your brochure and is going to recommend it to other patients. … Thanx a lot.

Overcame and baby due soon

My husband and I experienced undiagnosed primary vaginismus for 3 years, and finally had the joy (after purchasing your kit and completing the workbooks and therapy) of consumating our marriage on our anniversary! In our bliss, we didn't even think about contraceptives, and conceived on our 6th time together! We are so joyful to be carrying a baby girl who is due in just 4 weeks, and even more blessed to have run into other couples who are/were in our same situation with whom we have shared your website.

We are really nervous about delivering this baby … there are obvious risks involved with a c-section as it is a major surgery. However, I am equally nervous about delivering vaginally and experiencing secondary vaginismus and having to go through it all over again. Now that we could immediately diagnose it, I feel a bit more comfortable with it, but yet I also feel like it might be more difficult to overcome since there really would be a reason for the clamping down of my pc muscles (i.e. a wound or tearing that took place there), whereas before, I could just tell myself "it's all in your head… there's no reason to fear pain.

Do you have any recommendations for couples in our situation? We want to have several children, but I just feel like our sex life wasn't able to be established well before we got pregnant, and I am terrified of losing it again! We would appreciate any insight you have on this… Thank you so much.

I (single woman) am living proof

I am a single woman who has suffered from vaginismus for over 18 years. I spent years dating and attempting to lose my virginity to no avail. Each experience was more emotionally painful than the next as each of these men couldn't understand what the problem was. My therapist was an enormous help in diagnosing my problem and a search of the internet lead me to you. I ordered the kit and my therapist and I worked together through the workbook. As a single woman I had to approach this a little differently, but I really felt that if I could gain the confidence to use the dilator set by myself, I would be better prepared for that first encounter with the mystery man who would help me "do the deed" :)

Something very interesting and powerful happened. Each increase in dilator size was a huge victory that was actually celebrated with my friends. They cheered me along! (from afar, of course!) I began to feel more confident, more womanly, and yes, more sexy. And apparently I somehow exuded that. I met, by complete chance, this very cool man. He and I dated for a little while and then the time came for us to expand this relationship. I told him everything...I was a 36 year old virgin, I had vaginismus, I was being treated, and I was ready if he was. Not only was he patient and kind, but very honored that I had chosen him to begin this next phase in my life.

It was frightening and awkward, but ultimately it was...FAN...TASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only have one regret...I didn't find you all sooner. But I also believe wholeheartly that I found you when I was ready to begin healing.

And the best part? (well, the best part was the sex, don't get me wrong) Turns out that he isn't the guy for me; we broke up, but it wasn't because I couldn't have sex, it was because of the real emotional stuff. I could finally get to the heart of a relationship, instead of focusing on what I always considered "my failure". I will always be grateful that I found a man who was wonderful at being "my first", but now I am ready to meet the man who will be "my all". :)

I want to let single women know that they can help themselves. I am living proof. And I am going to be perfectly candid (I guess, I have already, so why stop now...) You can quote this entire email if it will help someone else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The kit is working so well for me

The kit is working so well for me -- I am so grateful that I found your website! … Your site is really so helpful…it's such a relief to know that there are lots of other women going through something similar! Thanks again.

I’m a new woman!

Dear Lisa, I just posted on the secondary chat site [in the private vaginismus forum]. I achieved success last week … For both of us it was just wonderful! He is the most amazing man I have ever met! Thank you so much for your support. … Thanks again for changing my life! ........... I'm a new woman!

It did change my life

I would like to give a comment on your complete set of Vaginismus Kit. To make a long story short, I'm a 27 yr old woman who never had sexual intercourse in my life. Even pap smear is painful every year. I have dated some guys but it was never sex involved. I was worried and unhappy for a long time thinking I will never insert anything in me nor enjoy sex like everybody else. I was surfing the net looking for the solutions a few weeks ago, and I saw the self treating vaginismus kit. I didn't think twice when I ordered them. I ordered the full package and I started to read the book and watch the DVD. I finally figured what my problem is, how to solve them… the book, the DVD and the dilators are extremely helpful. I'm seeing outstanding progress so far. I went all the way to the 3rd dilator in a very short time and I had my first intercourse with my boyfriend yesterday. I was crying, not because I was hurting but because I couldn't believe I was able to perform sexual intercourse. I just want to say thank you, it did change my life. I will not stop practicing till I become fully comfortable. I was planning to go to the Women's Clinic in NY at the end of this year, but I don't think I need to anymore. This is just awesome!!!!! Thank you guys for making life easy and pleasant for women like us. God Bless all.

A huge blessing

This whole program has been a huge blessing in our lives. We ordered the kit in March, and I didn't join the forum until last month. I couldn't believe I waited so long because the forum was a huge support to me. I had no idea that vaginismus was a part of so many people's lives. Even the counselor that diagnosed me with vaginismus said he thought it was very rare. I wonder if it is more common than we think, but people just keep it a secret. You and Mark have done so much to help women who live in silence and fear. I only wish I had found your website sooner. I just wanted to tell you that the first time we found the website, and read some of the testimonials, I just started to cry because I couldn't believe other people had vaginismus. What a wonderful service you are doing for people! I really can't thank you enough for the wonderful gift of freedom you have given me. Thanks again for everything!

I LOVE your program!

Thanks so much Lisa. You've been such a great help. Just signed up and posted. I LOVE your program!

Best thing I ever did

We don't know how to thank you. I did not think sex was possible. Everytime we tried having sex we were unsuccessful. After 4 years of dating and then getting married. Sex was not a part of our lives which left me feeling frustrated . Even the OBGYN said there was nothing wrong and all I need is time. Time- how much time was the question. That's when we came accross this web site and I was willing to give it a try. I think getting the complete kit was the best thing I ever did. After going through the program I was finally able to have my husband inside me. I can't tell you how grateful I am to this website. Thank you..Thank you..Thank you.

My husband and I couldn’t be happier!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly ... I also wanted to thank you for your wonderful program. It took me awhile, but I overcame in January. I'm pregnant and due in April. My husband and I couldn't be happier! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for helping us get through such a difficult condition. After many years, I'm finally free of vaginismus!

It is definitely helping

Just letting you know that I have received the [kit] that I ordered from you and have tried it out. I like it very much and it is definitely helping me and my partner.

Tone of your book is brilliant

Hi, I bought one of your treatment packs and I'm really pleased with the results so far, so thank you very much! I think the tone of your book is brilliant and it is a great help knowing there are people who understand what I'm going through … Thank you again.

So thankful this site exists

I ordered the dilator set because I had been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years and we had not yet had intercourse. I wanted to give myself to him so badly, yet everytime we tried it felt like I was just... stuck closed. I could get tampons in, but only with a lot of effort after calming myself down. I was so scared of pain that I clamped up.

I received my dilator set in mid October. I've been using them progressively. It didn't take me very long to get to the fourth and I have now been able to have sex with my boyfriend.

I was so happy. The happiest I have been in a long time. I felt like so much stress was lifted off of my shoulders. I feel proud that I overcame my fears and I'm so thankful that this site exists. I was able to order the dilators confidentially and the delivery was quick and speedy.

I really am so happy. I can't even believe how quickly I got through the 4 dilators. I was so scared it would take me long. But it took me less that a month. Thank you so much! Without this site I would have stayed stressed and sad all the time. I felt so ashamed and terrible about it. I wanted to please my boyfriend and show my love for him.

And now I can. :)
It was worth it. It really was.
I'm proud of myself for taking the initiative.

Nothing but wonderful things to say

My youngest sister got your vaginismus kit and has nothing but wonderful things to say about it. My other sister was just diagnosed with vaginismus today. My mom and I have been to this site to get as much information for her as possible ... I've had painful sex since my honeymoon night...

This website is fantastic

I would just like to say that this web site is fantastic. I am now 25 but when I was 18 with my first sexual partner I suffered terribly. I felt as though someone was putting a knife inside me and would cry every time we tried. I couldn't tell any of my friends cause it was so weird. My mother and partner at the time were fantastic. I visited many docters and had many tests which were horrible experiences for a 18 year old. I was also told things like don't use condoms which terrified me, and try different positions which was extremely embarrasing.

In 2 years I had 3 speres, many internal investigations, a urine test and scan cause they thought my bladder wasn't emptying and many more. At the end of the 2 years I had key hole surgery so they could see if there was any physical problems. They put a camera in my tummy button and a probe in the cut on my pubic hair line. They couldn't find anything wrong and it was very painful. The last thing I was told was I probably was a psychological problem but I was given no help and no support. I was now 20 and had broken up with my first love after 2 years of being prodded and poked with no result…

My friend saw the interview on this morning and said to look at the web site. I can't describe enough how much this has helped me mentally. I didn't know anyone else had suffered and had kept in hidden for so many years like I was a freak or something. Thank you so much...

The interview was on an english tv morning programme. It's called 'This Morning'. The interview was about a girl who had gone through all the symptoms and after 3 years was finally diagnosed. I got your web address through a link on theirs which is Thanks once again and thanks for your fast reply.

Prompt follow up

Thanks for your quick response! Just wanted to let you know I received the books on Monday, Jan 15th. Thank you so much for your prompt follow up and excellent customer service! I have already recommended the books to a friend.

Appreciates forum

I wanted to let you know that I have indeed been on the forums already exchanging stories and information with the other women. I truly appreciate having this avenue to talk with other people who have the problem. It is wonderful.

I wished I had this resource 9 years ago

I just stumbled onto your site after hearing the term "vaginismus" for the first time in the book "A Celebration of Sex". Finally, a name for what I've experienced. I've been married for 9 years, and have actually overcome most of my sexual "problems" after the birth of my children just in the past 2 years. I wish I had this resource 9 years ago, what a difference it would have made in our marriage. Like most stories, we waited until our wedding night, to be shocked and horrified that sex HURT. And it didn't stop hurting. I went to OB/GYN's to be told that everything physically was fine with me, and that I needed to relax. Nobody ever mentioned anything like this condition to me. They made me feel crazy, and like they really didn't care about my very REAL problem. Even my christian counselor's only advice was to create a relaxing mood - candles, music, etc, and to spend a lot of time on foreplay and lube up really well. Nobody seemed to understand what I was saying - I couldn't MAKE my body not hurt, no matter what I did. My poor husband, trying to be patient but extremely FRUSTRATED.

My point in writing this is just to say THANK YOU for being out there for people like me. I know you will help so many marriages. I only wish I could get the years back where sex was something I HAD to do, and undo the damage it created in our marriage. We are now experiencing a fairly fulfilling sexlife, but I think the years of enduring painful sex is still affecting us. I enjoy it when we are actually doing it, but it's still hard for me to get in the mood. Anyhow…enough about me…just thank you for helping all of us out there with this condition.

Very successful and encouraging program

I have moved through all 10 steps now and my husband and I have been able to have sexual intercourse! It is very exciting to overcome a problem that had consumed my life in the past. Thanks again for a very successful and encouraging program!!

Happy news

I just wanted to share with you the happy news that after three weeks of using my dilators I have now been able to have full sexual intercourse with my partner. I can't thank you enough for your support and openness during this difficult process. Thank goodness I found you through Google - I might still be struggling miserably and feeling like a complete and utter failure. Thank you so very much.

Thank you very much for your kindness

Thank you very much for your kindness to help me with your amazing treatment kit. I have written a story about me, hoping it can become one of your customer testimonials. Thank you very much for your kindness.

8 days needed to resolve my 8 year problem

Dear Lisa, I wish you and your company all the best things to happen in this New Year. I got your vaginismus kit a month ago. Only 8 days I needed to resolve my 8-year-problem. I could not believe it. Therefore, I waited and I even repeated some steps to be sure that I was cured. It was so easy to have intercourse. Still I was skeptic, and I thought that maybe we are not doing it right. It was so hard to deal with the success. Thanks to your advice I knew that it was to be expected. I cannot find the words to thank you for your books, for your customer service and every advice you gave me. My life has a new beginning. We are planning our own family and our marriage has improved dramatically. Thank you!

High recommendations

Hi, I just ordered the set of books. Looking forward to reading them, you came with high recommendations. I am on a personal quest. I have dealt with vaginismus for 17 years, and just this last summer diagnosed myself on accident. I've seen about 10 different gynecologists, and had about 27 exams in the last 17 years, and not one told me I had vag. I now tell them. My quest is to make Vaginismus more known. Not just to gyn's but to women who don't know they have it. I'm on the Yahoo vag support groups and have mentioned to the ladies that I'm ready to do whatever it takes to bring more attention to this problem. I'm angered by hearing about all the women (like me) who are told by gyn's that they just need to relax, or it's all in their heads and so on. A lot of women agree that it needs to be made more known, but no one knows where to start. Someone mentioned your site and that you have suggested taking a copy of the def. of vag into gyn's at appt. time. I think it's a great idea, but I'm ready willing and able to do a lot more!!! I suggested an info sheet, like a poster, for gyn office waiting rooms. Something that displays a message to women who suffer from pain with sex and exams and don't know why, that they're not alone, that it could be vag or something similar, and maybe suggesting them to a website or 800 number. If women don't hear about it personally, gynecologists NEED to at least know! Do you deal with any of this? Do you deal with women who get all worked up and want to do something about it like me right now? : ) Sorry, I am really into doing something!!! I'm serious about this, so I'm hoping you can give me your direction or even an opinion. I would value anything you could tell me! Thanks for having such an informative site, it really was key to my diagnoses and now treatment of vag. I hope you can tell me something that will help me in my efforts, I'm going to do something, just don't know what yet.

A great help

I want [you] to know how much of a great help it has been to me to use the book and the kit.

The only comprehensive source of information I’ve ever come across

By way of feedback I can only heap praise on the content … It remains the only comprehensive source of information I've ever come across … was invaluable as the first step in addressing a problem precipitated by trauma some twenty years ago … understanding the condition has been nine tenths of resolving it and, armed with knowledge provided … we have been able to move forward after years of stalemate … My doctors now have your site bookmarked and will recommend it to other patients.

Resolved our 4 year old issue in one week

First thing first! I must thank you for this wonderful treatment information and resources. We were able to resolve our 4-year-old issue in one week. We had visited several doctors before this, but not a single person suggested anything close to what your book and video suggested … thanks again for providing the wonderful information.

I finally realized I was not alone

I am extremely grateful … when I received the books and read about vaginismus I finally realized that I was not alone. Like many, many women, I had been to my gynecologist several times and she said that there was nothing wrong with me. She could not offer me explanation as to why any attempt at intercourse was so very painful … after about one and a half months … I was able to have intercourse.


My wife and I found your book would be valuable to many people who suffer from vaginismus.

Answered all the questions/doubts I had

I thought I would write to you and say that your book and the dilators were very helpful indeed. It took me about 3 months to go through all the 10 steps thoroughly and at the end of it, I was able to have sex for the first time! It was a very emotional experience for me, and somewhat overwhelming. I thought the book was written in a very clear and concise manner. I was able to follow each step appropriately, and with sheer determination and an understanding partner, I was able to achieve Step 10. I really don't think there were any areas you could have improved on … It answered all the questions/doubts that I had. So, thanks once again … your help is much appreciated.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for all the information in your book. I recommend it to anyone who has the same problem I had. It takes time and patience, but sooner or later it will happen. Good luck to all your other clients.

We are able to have sex again

Thank you … it really is appreciated. I actually purchased the book and journal along with the dilators … we are able to have sex again … and my husband is perfectly happy with that!!! =) … It gave me the answers that I was looking for, that my doctor couldn't give me! … It made me feel like I wasn't the only one with this problem, and that there was a way to fix it. It gave me hope, which is what I needed desperately! I was close to giving up, which wasn't fair to myself nor to my husband. Thank you again!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! … I ordered your complete kit of products and although the first couple tries with the trainers were quite painful, within three weeks I was on my way to a successful sex life!

Thanks to you my life has changed dramatically

… I've been wanting to write to you for quite a while, but haven't had the time. Thanks to you my life has changed dramatically. In fact, I'm pregnant. I had gone to several doctors in the past, but none of them were able to help me. Your little booklet helped more then I could ever imagined. Thank you. My case of vaginismus wasn't very severe, but bad enough that my husband couldn't penetrate me. Thanks to your techniques it all worked out well, and we're on our way to having a family.

Encouraging literature

Thank you so much for your products and encouraging literature that helped me become educated about vaginismus. I overcame it and I know that many other women can too! I hope that more women will learn about vaginismus so that they do not have to suffer alone.


I am very thankful … I had been married for the last four years but was not able to have intercourse … sex was a nightmare for me as whenever he tried to insert in me I cried out of pain. There was lot of pressure on us to have children but how could we? … I came across this site and read about this product. I read the feedback of people posted on the site and decided to give a try to this also. Earlier, I had consulted a lot of doctors but no use. But this time when I used this vaginismus kit, this did wonder to me. I gradually came out of my problem and today I enjoy sex with my husband, which was a dream five months ago. Thanks to you.

I now have hopes of becoming pregnant

Just wanted to let you know that your product was a great help to my husband and me. We had not been able to achieve penetration for almost 5 1/2 years of marriage, even after a surgery I had to correct the problem. I had been seeing a physical therapist who wanted me to start renting a machine to help with our problem. Insurance would not cover this … I didn't even know I had something called vaginismus until almost 2 years after my surgery … Using the instruction books and taking time every night for just a couple months, we achieved penetration on our own about 3 months after we started … I now have hopes of becoming pregnant sometime this next year and starting our family. Thank you!

Amazed at just how quickly things are improving

I have found the treatment successful. I went undiagnosed for years and as soon as I found out what it was I researched it on the Internet. Yours was the only detailed website and I found it so helpful I ordered the kit. Although in the middle of treatment I have been amazed at just how quickly things are improving. Thank you very much for helping me move on from what has been a really worrying time for me.

Extremely helpful

Your products were extremely helpful. I am now cured of this long occurring problem. Thank you!

Nobody understood my issue like you do

The book is great and I love the journal. The best part is the "leading" questions. Sometimes it is hard to think why you have this problem. The questions make you think of all angles … it is the best program … nobody understood my issue like you do.

The most comprehensive and helpful information

I purchased your 10-steps book and have been going through all the steps. It is the most comprehensive and helpful information I have found about vaginismus and overcoming it.

Your book gave me the clues

I had been using vaginal dilators for 5 months … I tried several times to have i/c with my husband, but never could. Your book gave me the clues to attempt i/c without problems … I have strongly recommended your book in some support groups because I think it can help many women like me. Pls keep on helping women and thank you very much.

Your group [forum] is really much more specialized

I … wanted to say thanks so much for creating these books. I have been having a difficult time getting through the chapters because of my abuse history, but I know that in time it will help me to heal, and I am so grateful these tools and website exist. I currently am a part of the yahoo primary vaginismus group but would like to join the forum as well. I find the more support the better, especially when I am feeling discouraged. I shared the books with my therapist (who is a man) and he said he was sharing them with other clients as well! Thank you again for all of your help … The yahoo group is not moderated, so your group is really much more specialized, and I believe will be greatly helpful to me as I work through the program. By the way, I originally heard about your program from the women on the yahoo site -- you are pretty popular! I feel so lucky that your site, product, and group exists. It gives me great hope, when for so many years I had nowhere to turn. Thanks again

I cannot praise your book highly enough

I cannot praise your book highly enough. You answered my questions thoroughly and where there was a dark mystery, bought understanding and clarity. Within 2 weeks I went from the sick terror of struggling with Dilator 1 up to confidence [with] number 3. I would particularly like to mention the following [from the books], which I found so important: 1) The examination of happenings in one's past and then, the letting go of them and moving on. 2) The clarity of what kind of pain is normal in 1st intercourse and what is not. It is because of this confusion that I am a virgin at 38. Had I been more informed I would have realised that the pain I felt was not my hymen. 3) The link between the mind and body. I felt that I was being kind to myself yet still purposeful and moving forward. The positive sentences I had to learn really helped. I feel different all together. Being able to tackle a problem, not merely wail about it! … Thank you again; I think I can safely say you have changed my life … Best Wishes.

I was very pleased to learn that I was not alone

I was very pleased to learn that I was not alone. I felt as though there was something very abnormal about me, and reading your literature helped me realise that many women suffer from vaginismus. Thanks!

My husband and I are now enjoying wonderful, pain-free sex!

I'm happy to say that my husband and I are now enjoying wonderful, pain-free sex! I ordered the book set from (I already had a dilator set). The book was easy to read and its exercises helped me understand my body as well as my mental attitude towards vaginismus. Within a couple of weeks I was through the first 6 steps or so, which gave both myself and my partner a sense of accomplishment. It took about 8 months for me to get all the way through the steps, which may sound like a long time, but to me it was a blink of an eye considering I've been seeking treatment for vaginismus for the last 13 years!

We feel like newlyweds all over again

We feel like newlyweds all over again … I must thank you for the way that the workbook was structured. After stumbling upon definitions of vaginismus, we thought for sure that therapy would be along the lines of "well, you should have experimented more before marriage … you got what you deserved." But just the opposite … you shared in a factual way … it really reinforced and paved the way for all of my misconceptions to be dissolved. The workbook was so non-judgemental … And it was so informative from a scientific perspective (and I was a biology major!) and I was so blown away by the information and the excellent way in which it was presented that I'm saving the book to one-day share with my own daughter when we JOYFULLY teach her about sex … Already, we have connected with another couple who has been struggling with this since they got married a year ago. (To think, one year ago, we would never had believed that anyone else would believe us if we told them our struggle … now, we find there are … couples who are or were in our shoes!) Like we did, they busied themselves and became over-productive workaholics. Now they are looking forward to weekly "study dates" with each other as they just ordered the kit from your site. Your goodness is far-reaching! Warm regards to you both …

Absolute revelation

Thank you … I am in my 40s and really wish that your book had been around 20 years ago … In my teens I was unable successfully to use tampons. I first tried to have sexual intercourse at age 20, but my boyfriend was unable to get his penis in. After that, though I had in my 20's several other relationships with men, I avoided having sexual intercourse and never married … I had one unsuccessful attempt to have a [pap] smear test … I did from time to time mention to several G.P.s (with embarrassment) that I had never been able to have sexual intercourse, but none of them appeared really interested in offering help … I went to see a specialist doctor about my thyroid gland … He referred me to an eminent gynaecologist, but I was too tense to let him examine me and he was not very sympathetic, saying that I was coming to see him 10 years too late. Three years or so later I was prevailed upon to see another gynaecologist who examined me under anaesthetic with a view to carrying out a hymenectomy … He also gave me a prescription for vaginal dilators … I did not find him interested in or sympathetic regarding vaginismus. He didn't ask me to make any follow up appointments to check on my use of the dilators … I did not make great headway with the dilators until, searching the internet I found your website and ordered your book, last year. I found the information that you provided about the pc muscles an absolute revelation and felt that the pc muscle exercises that you recommended were the key to getting somewhere.

Lots of good diagrams and clear explanations

… the books are a WONDERFUL source of information for people who don't understand the condition, giving lots of good diagrams and clear explanations …

Your book is awesome

First of all, I am glad to say that my girlfriend and I are past vaginismus!!! She had a combination of primary and secondary vaginismus. She had some surgeries in the vaginal area when a teenager, and then entered into an abusive relationship for over 20 years. She finally had the power to leave the man, then met me. The story is a long one, and I hope to some day tell it, but in short, it was our patience and closeness that helped us both work on the issue … Your book was the best that I have found … I own about 5 on the subject, and yours, hands down is it. I think people are looking for the step-by-step "procedure" if you want to call it that … In short, your book is awesome.

The website and program have definitely helped

… we have started practicing the real act. It has taken me a long time get started due to lack of time for practice, and my case wasn't that bad to begin with. The program has definitely helped a lot. I wouldn't know how else to deal with this. Thank you for all the efforts you have put in to this in order to cure it. I especially would like to thank you for your website. There are a lot of people out there, who don't know what this is called … Thanks again.

We enjoyed that long-waited wedding night

My husband and I waited for each other for marriage, and ended up waiting a lot longer than we ever dreamed! Two years of marriage later, we still had been unable to consummate our marriage and enjoy that wedding night we'd looked forward to. On Christmas Eve of 2004, we stumbled upon an article in Today's Christian Woman that led us to We couldn't believe how closely the writer's experience paralleled ours! I had been to countless OBGYN's who told me everything was physically fine with me. Visits with a counselor simply added pressure on us to have a healthy sex life. We sobbed for nearly an hour with relief when we read some of the testimonies on your website. They were just like us: in love, longing for intimacy, and seemingly without hope.

Fortunately, after ordering the dilator kit and workbook, we became convinced for the first time that our wedding night could be a possibility. We took our time through the journal sections of the workbook, diving deeply into past misinformation. I was floored at the amount of information we learned about myself and my husband during this exercise. I recorded over 20 negative messages I'd been fed about sex and sexuality. My body was reacting to what I had heard, in spite of the fact that my mind knew differently.

My husband was so patient and tender and understanding through every chapter. I would HIGHLY recommend that couples do every single stage of the workbook and reading together. It knits you so much closer together, and sparks so many amazing conversations. It sets the stage for the amazing physical intimacy that is to come! Another thing that my husband did was give me little gifts along the way... every chapter I completed, he had me draw a paper from a jar. For one chapter, I got a pedicure, for another, I got a gift certificate to a teahouse. It was fun having something to look forward to, and an encouragement to keep going! (Can you tell how anxious he was?!) I would also recommend that couples take their time. Pressure works against relaxation, and it's so important to dive deep into the past so you can correct things. Finally, one of the best things we did was to get away. During the final chapter when you begin intercourse, we scheduled a short vacation to a luxury loft. I think that so much pain, devastation, and frustration was associated with our own bedroom at home from all of the times we spent trying. It was so nice to start a new chapter in a new place. I didn't feel the same old failure all around, and six months after starting our vaginismus books, we enjoyed that long-waited wedding night!

When we got back from our little getaway, the first thing we did was rearrange the furniture in our bedroom and make it feel like a brand new place to reflect the newness in our marriage.

God's desire IS for couples to experience pleasure through sex. He WILL accompany you, relaxing your heart, mind, and body. And as soon as we got to a point where we were willing and ready to share our story, we couldn't BELIEVE how many other couples out there are facing this! It sounds crazy to be married for years and have never had sex in our sexually aggressive society, but it happens. We couldn't be more grateful for the study books, and are so glad to share with those who have given up that there IS such hope!

It is never too early or too late to take action

I am so thankful for the information, materials, and other literature offered by this website! My husband and I, only recently married, had decided to wait until after our wedding to have sex. I had seen my gynecologist and had been told that I was perfectly healthy, so imagine our shock, confusion, and disappointment when we were unable to consummate our marriage.

I explained the situation to my doctor, who kept insisting that I just needed to relax and use more lubricant. Yet, with every failed attempt, relaxing became increasingly more difficult. My husband and I followed the advice and suggestions of my doctor, and even a sex therapist, but nothing worked. They kept telling me that this problem was probably just psychological, but I knew deep down that the answer wasn't that simple. It wasn't really an emotional issue causing painful intercourse; rather, it was the painful intercourse which was beginning to take a toll on me emotionally.

One evening, I decided to get on the Internet and take a shot at researching the causes of painful intercourse. Almost by accident (but maybe it was providence), I stumbled upon a link for this website. I practically cried with relief when I read the information and the testimonials; I felt certain that I had found my solution.

As soon as the vaginismus kit arrived, I worked diligently through the books and dilators. Before this experience, I would never have imagined that I'd be able to "retrain" my PC muscle group, or that I'd be able to insert the largest dilator, but it eventually happened. I found, though, that with a positive attitude, and the patience to accomplish each of the Steps, I was finally able to reach my goal. After only six weeks using the vaginismus kit, my husband and I were able to have normal, pain-free (and even quite pleasurable!) sex.

I know that my husband and I were really fortunate; unlike other vaginismus sufferers who dealt with this problem for years, we were able to find a solution just a few months after our wedding. I say this because it demonstrates the value of these products all the more. By finding help on this website, we were spared from YEARS of potential disappointment and misery.

I am convinced that, if you suffer from this problem, it is never too early or too late to take action, do something about it, and make it a thing of the past. It's really a very small price to pay so you can feel ten thousand times better about yourself and your relationship. Many, many thanks to the purveyors of this Godsend treatment kit!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! … I ordered your complete kit of products … within three weeks I was on my way to a successful sex life!

We’re on our way to having a family

… Thanks to you my life has changed dramatically. In fact I'm pregnant. I had gone to several doctors in the past, but none of them were able to help me. … Thanks to your techniques it all worked out well, and we're on our way to having a family.

I am happy to report that your products helped me

I am happy to report that your products helped me (and continue to help me) recover from vaginismus. My doctor said he could not have ordered similar products for me under $600 so I was happy to find your products (and tell him about your site as well). Thank you!

Without you, I would still be searching

I came across your products just by surfing the internet with the problem I ended up with after surgery … I am happy with what your product is accomplishing. I am quite disappointed that neither doctor introduced me to products such as what you have when I was spending a fortune complaining to them. Thank you very much for your advertising and your product. Without you, I would still be searching for an attorney since the doctors had no answers. Again, thank you!

Trying for a baby

Hi! =) Guess what? With your help and support along with the 10 Steps to Overcoming Vaginismus [we] penetrated all the way on January 22nd +) And are now trying for a baby of our very own!!!!!! Thank you … soooo much for everything! We are sooo very excited it is beyond belief … Love Always.

I cried with joy!!

. . I am so thrilled that I found this web site and that I ordered your products. I read through the materials, faithfully completed my exercises and proceeded with the trainers. I must say that the first attempt with a q-tip was painful for me. But I did not lose hope and on the second attempt … success!! I cried with joy!! As I continue with the program everything seems to be going great. My husband is happy to see me happy and overcoming my fears. We are looking forward to an intimate relationship that has been lacking in our marriage for the past six years. I am so thankful that my problem has a name … and now … a cure.

Intercourse for the first time in 2 years

… intercourse was IMPOSSIBLE even with lubricants. Using [the vaginal dilator set] with copious amounts of lubricant over time allowed my husband and I to have intercourse for the first time in 2 years. So thank you.

I have made great progress with the kit

Since your kit arrived at my home in Australia my life has gone through so many changes it's been hard to devote time to my 'problem'. During those first few months we had a death in the family (which hit me particularly hard) and my husband and I moved from my home in Australia to his home in Canada. Along with that move came the cold, harsh, Alberta winter, a new home, new friends, new way of life … everything that comes with moving to a new country! About four months ago, however, I was able to try and settle into some kind of routine following all the instructions that came with my kit … I am happy to report that although we have not yet had full penetration, we are almost there. A far cry from where I was twelve months ago or even five months ago. I have found the dilators to be … valuable … now almost completely comfortable with the third size … I know (and my husband knows) that I have made great progress with the kit … realise that it really isn't a painful experience at all. I know that if I can continue to find the time to 'work' with the kit I will be fine in no time. I already feel that I have come a long way mentally as well and I know in my heart that I would never have come this far without your kit or without the knowledge that there are so many women out there who suffer from the same 'issues'.

Book and video were excellent

The book and video were excellent in providing information and understanding.

It really helped a lot

It really helped a lot … I think it is great … and can help many women with this condition. I strongly advise [anyone] to use this … who suffers from this condition.

Appreciate the clear instructions and illustrations

Thank you for the helpful products. Thus far, I have found them beneficial although I have not completed the process. I appreciate the clear instructions and illustrations. Thank you!

My wife managed to overcome her fears

Good day … We sure would like to send you our feedback in detail so that it could be of help to some one else in future. To start with my wife and me (from India) have been married for about two years. Soon after our marriage we had to move to Vietnam. It took us over a year to even find out my wife had Vaginismus. No one seems to be aware of it, including the doctors we consulted at the International hospitals here. After a lot of searching on the internet, we came across the term Vaginismus and all symptoms described were similar to what my wife was experiencing … We bought [your kit] And guess what, in matter of weeks of exercising with the dilators my wife managed to overcome her fears and we could lead normal lives again. So thanks to your product and of course to God for that … our appreciation.

Book is very, very well written and sensitive to both

My wife and I have been married for 5 years this Sept 25th. We [both] were virgins when we were married. Over the first … 4 1/2 years the problem of … [never having sex] with each other became progressively more damaging to our relationship. We did not understand what was happening at all. I come from a medical/ scientific background and I had never heard of the problem. At first I was simply patient always thinking we would manage it sometime soon but whenever we really tried it upset us both as my wife could not carry on, I thought she was not trying, just too sensitive. Eventually [she] began to avoid any contact with me to avoid disappointing expectations and I could not even deal with the problem pushing it into my subconscious. Eventually I began to manifest symptoms of severe epilepsy starting with about 100 myoclonic seizures a day progressing to 5 day long Status Epilepticus with grand mal fits. We tried all the drugs going, nothing worked. Eventually I ended up in hospital again … this time the specialist revealed he thought it wasn't epilepsy. Eventually we discovered that it was stress induced and actually Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures but even then I had shoved the problem between my wife and I right to back of my consciousness and I did not think it was a problem.

My wife also had done the same, unable to deal with the problem, as separation has never been an option but of course we cannot live our lives like this, we now realise. I looked up your website and discovered the problem … we bought a kit from you earlier this year. I wish we had spoken to someone about it earlier … [she] started the kit in April and we have managed now to partially accomplish penetrative sex which we would never have done in a million years without your help. [she] went to see a specialist … who was amazed at the progress she has made from your kit and wanted to know [how to] be able to recommend you … we are really grateful for your help and we think the book is very, very well written and sensitive to the needs of both involved. It has helped [her] get over deeply entrenched subconscious fears. Thank you, thank you, for … helping to save our marriage!

My wife is PREGNANT

… I am writing this mail behalf of my Wife. My wife is PREGNANT of 3 Months because of this treatment. I would like to tell my story how this product helped in our life. We came to US-Seattle for short time project (1 Year) from India. We got married in … 2002, We [were] not able to have intercourse for one and half years after marriage … We met doctor in India and also here Seattle, The doctor in Seattle checked her and informed us physically she is fine … I searched in internet for more information I got this link and ordered the product. She used the product for a month and now she is pregnant … most of the gynecologists [didn't] know about this product so please try to inform them about this wonderful product … Thanks"

Million times more comfortable

… I started reading your book and started with a few of the smaller dilators and had great success. I was always able to use tampons and go to the gyno so I had a good start I guess than others may have. The advice given in the book was better than any I have received in my therapy session that I paid major $ for … I was able to successfully move up to the largest dilator in no time with no problem. I realised that the cause of my problem was that I was never really comfortable with how things felt in that area … But I realise the pain now was because of the reflex of my pc muscles and not because I was going to rip, bleed, or something was wrong with me. However with working with the dilators by size I was able to keep them in until I was comfortable and realised what the sensations were that I was feeling and how I could change them by using my pc muscles. It was something I always knew in my head but I don't think you can fully realise it until you actually experience it. I also loved how the book was short and sweet and straight to the point and gave a lot of good advice … I feel a million times more comfortable which is something I thought I could never feel … I feel … excited about it instead of anxiety. Thanks again

Detailed and easy format

We are a married couple and we bought your product a few months ago. Now, we have overcome vaginismus. We'd like to extend sincere thanks to you for providing this product in such a detailed and easy format.

You handle it very professionally

I purchased your kit recently and thank you … your product and informational booklets have been very helpful and informative. After investigating all the information I could find concerning this matter, I felt that your company had the edge and I decided to try your product. I am very happy that I did. It is a very sensitive subject and I feel that you handle it very professionally. Thank you again

Here I sit 3 months later completely healed of vaginismus!

Hi, … I am 23 years old. My husband and I have been happily married for 6yrs. We have always been in love from the start. We never engaged in sexual relations before marriage so we really had no idea what was ahead … Our Honeymoon was our first attempt at making love … [and] did not succeed. We figured, hey this may take practice =) Well, after 4 years we still did not. We tried every relaxing technique we thought of … it felt like he was hitting a brick wall … On one particular day, I hit bottom. I was more hurt than angry. I began to cry. I knew I needed an answer for this. [my husband] was very understanding. He never showed hurt or frustration. He was very strong for the two of us … by the way, I never shared this burden with a soul, I was ashamed and felt very shy … [finally] called a Homeopathic Dr. … I was so tense the Dr. couldn't put a Q-Tip in. She thought it may be a closed Hymen.

… a local Woman's Clinic … diagnosed it as … Vaginismus … I found the Vaginismus website and was so blessed … offered so much for me … available to talk … and to answer any and all of my questions … so helpful and knowledgeable. I received the [vaginismus] Kit from with the trainers and the [book set]. I don't know where I'd be today if I hadn't got these … I found the Journal Book … along with the 10 steps Book the BEST way to healing Vaginismus thoroughly and quickly.

I got the Kit in late October of last year and here I sit 3 months later completely healed of Vaginismus! [We] are trying for a baby of our very own now and are looking forward to a whole new life together! Believe me, I know you can do this too! I know it may seem impossible at times. That you might think, a baby? Wow, that can't be me. I know I did. And here I am. Bless you and may you find the happiness you so deserve … Thank you for your sweet support! … Thank you again for all you've done … I am very excited and pleased about our new life to come and I give all the glory to our Heavenly Father!!!

Full hysterectomy

… I have now overcome my fear thanks to you all … what a wonderful life it is … I live in the UK and since a full Hysterectomy 10 years ago my sex life had gone from bad to worse … I was convinced there was something wrong with me. So I went to the GP for advice, they were very helpful and suggested an examination to make sure there was no medical reason - which there was not. But that was the end of the help … So after another frustrating year I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I did some research and came up with Vaginismus. The symptoms were everything I was experiencing. And after chatting to a friend who was using a dilator set decided that this was just what I needed. So I again went to the GP … who had no idea how to get one, but suggested I try counseling!!! I tried the Chemist, and local hospital suppliers - Nothing, so I tried the internet and of course NOTHING in the UK. so I clicked on a site in the USA - Bingo! Information, Sales and advice - Heaven. I sent a email to customer services asking about shipping to the UK - instant reply- this was great. For the first time in years I felt like I was on the verge of a new beginning … I chose my package, deciding that I should go for the [complete vaginismus kit] … After 9 weeks , I am already enjoying a much better and healthier sex life, and loving it. The fear has gone, yes there are minor hic-ups, but thanks to the team at I finally feel normal and more confident. I have passed the details to my local GP and Chemist [Pharmacist] in the hopes that someone else may benefit from my experience … Thank you again.

No pain at all

Hey … You won't believe this … I was able to have intercourse with my husband last night.!! I was on my way with the 3rd dilator yesterday only … and I just thought it would be OK to try since I was comfortable with the 3rd one … so we tried and it was perfect. No pain at all. I was sooo soo happy … I now am an overcomer! yaaai … I'm so glad I found your help … and I want to thank you for all your support and help … Thanks a lot.

Celebrating marriage all over again

I read through all the positive comments and noticed that they were all women so I thought I would throw some praise your way. After 4 years of marriage to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world, my wife and I were not able to be 'one' flesh. I picked up a book called 'When Two Become One' by McCluskey at Barnes and Noble and the first story was totally us and he said it was this thing called vaginismus! Sweet action, there was a word for our issue! A few weeks later I ordered your kit, then months later the floodgates were opened and we finally understood what God completely meant when He said, 'and the two will become one flesh.' It was so tough as a man to wait and be patient but we are celebrating marriage all over again and will for a lifetime. Thanks again.

Conquered 10 year problem in 2 months

In response to … feedback on the vaginismus kit … [I] wish to congratulate you on putting this together. It has been a great help to me … I have conquered my 10-year problem … I have to say, thanks to you there is information available for people now to help them get through this problem and that I had wished for [information] all these years. I am delighted that I went ahead and ordered the full kit. I didn't realise that so many women suffered from this problem. Any woman out there who is suffering - order the kit and I guarantee that you'll overcome this very quickly. It took me about 2 months and I'm thrilled.

I am now smiling again

Hello and thank you for your email. It goes to show that you take your service very seriously. I bought the kit a while ago (4 or 5 months) and I am still using it everyday. Getting rid of my vaginismus is proving a bit difficult (I was raped as a student) but I know I will get there in the end. The books are great and I couldn't do without the dilators … it really helps me! I am now inserting the 3rd one easily and have managed the biggest size a few times. I am hopeful that in my own time my vaginismus will be resolved. The best thing was to find out that I wasn't alone in this. For years I thought that I was a 'freak', that no one else was like me and that my body must have a problem. It made a big difference to understand that my body was 'normal' and I cried when I first watched the DVD, relieved that someone else could go through what I went through. I am now looking forward to visiting your new help [ private forums] website (I received my password yesterday). I would like to thank you for your great work and I will certainly let you know of my progress! I am now smiling again, even if I am not there yet…

Your products have been a revolution in my life

Your products have been a revolution in my life. I found your book dealt with all my questions and all my fears … to examine the questions in my past and then to LET GO of them! I was especially interested in the section on the hymen because this is why I battled with V. for so long. I thought that first time sex should be painful because of the hymen and I did not realize that there was another problem there altogether … The dilators were superb … I have been able to get up to 4 … I wish that [vaginismus] was written about in women's magazines and in books on sex, the kind that young girls are given to read. I would never have gone on like this if I had known earlier what the matter was. Thank you again for your resources, I remember reading your website when I first realized what the problem was, I sobbed over the keyboard, as at last someone understood.

I’m free of vaginismus

I knew I had a problem but didn't know it had a name, and didn't know many women out there had difficulty with it too. I discovered this online after being frustrated from failed attempts at intercourse with my boyfriend. I was able to insert tampons and a finger, but sexual intercourse was impossible. I would just 'close up' at every attempt. I looked up my condition online and found it was called vaginismus. I bought the kit and started on it immediately. This was 3 months ago. Today, I am experiencing pain free intercourse with my boyfriend … If I hadn't found out about the kit on, I would still be frustrated with vaginismus, but I'm happy that I'm vaginismus free.

A great help

The materials have been a great help! I got over it within a very short time. Thanks a lot.

We are thrilled

I just wanted to send my info back to you. I bought the vaginismus self help pack, the one that came with the video, the books, the dilators, and the whole kit. Anyway, I used the guideline book and I was determined to get better, and low and behold, I am not having painful intercourse anymore. My husband and I are so thrilled. I could not have done it without the pack that I bought from your website. We went 2 years of having painful intercourse and they were our first 2 years married. Now things are much, much better, but what I do think that helps most of all besides the kit that you sent. That is having a very understanding patient husband, because it is not overnight that you are fixed. It takes time. I was determined and it only took me 2 months to be better. I just needed to learn how to take control back of that muscle, and once I got the hang of that, it was great. So thank you so much, I also took your kit into my doctor and he said that he is going to refer people to your website who have the same problem. Thank you so much for having the kit and the website with all the information, it helps to know that you are not alone especially when dealing with something so personal. Thanks again.

Follow instructions with a heart to succeed

I have used the product for about a month … It really works. I have successfully been able to have sexual intercourse with my husband … now I am … pregnant … and I am scheduled to be retested in a couple weeks. I really would suggest it to others if they experience the same problems I have. I was really depressed before I found this product and the doctor even suggested me to have surgery on the hymen. I was skeptical but am very thankful that I found this website. For those who have been trying to have a normal life, I would highly recommend that they use this product. I believe everything happens for a reason. I rarely put down all positive comments on a questionnaire. But for a problem like vaginismus, I want to share my experience with everybody. It certainly takes a lot of courage to complete this challenging life-changing event. But it is well worth it to explore. I ordered the kit in late Nov/Dec 04 but did not use it until first week of Jan. Things started to work within weeks (especially the video helps a lot). As long as you follow the instructions with a heart to succeed, nothing can stop you from achieving the result. Lastly, I want to thank you for all the things have happened to me in the last six months.

Able to enjoy natural intimacy

My husband and I abstained from intercourse before our marriage - on our honeymoon we were dismayed to find that all attempts were extremely painful for me. We met with my gynecologist who recommended [we try] tools such as offers as opposed to surgery, which can leave scar tissue … we are now able to enjoy the natural intimacy that many people take for granted.

Easily available and affordable

The kit is great. I have made a lot of progress. I'm not cured yet, but I'm on dilator #2 w/out pain … You folks are doing a great thing making this kit easily available and affordable … I'm convinced this is far more common than most people realize … Most of us girls … can't easily talk about it with our friends or family. It would help if everyone knew what it was. Everyone knows what erectile dysfunction is even if they don't have it, why can't women's issues get the same television/magazine/media attention? (If I have to see that darn [male erection drug company] commercial with the 'happy missus at home' one more time … I'm going to scream!) … Thanks.

The best product that I have ever come across

Hi, I have been very happy with your service and your products. I purchased a Vaginismus Treatment Kit 4 months ago and it is the best product that I have ever come across. I suffered from vaginismus for many years. I visited two doctors who didn't know how to help me. All they said was to relax during intercourse and it will be fine. Well, that didn't work and my boyfriend and I just got more and more frustrated and nearly broke up because he felt so rejected all the time. I tried to explain to him that intercourse was very painful for me and I would cry every time he tried to approach me. At the end, he would stop trying … I felt awful and guilty for hurting him and I didn't know what to do anymore. I felt like I wasn't a female, but and alien, and I felt like I was being punished for something. Then one day I came across and my life changed. I read your website a number of times and I realised that I wasn't the only person with this problem. I purchased the kit and I am now extremely proud to say that I have overcome vaginismus. I followed the book step by step and did all the exercises and I am now able to have intercourse for the first time in my life. The book is truly awesome. I got married to my boyfriend and we are looking forward to starting a family next year. Thank you very much for helping me solve my problem.

Diagrams have been so helpful

I purchased your dilators and books … Although I have not reached complete insertion yet, I am definitely 3/4 of the way there; this is the furthest I have ever been on my journey. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful book (and the dilators!). I would say that primarily the diagrams in the book have been so helpful especially the ones where you can see the dilator being inserted. I couldn't visualize what this was like in my head, but now whilst dilating I use the diagram as an aid. I like the fact that I can work at my own pace with the books as I found when I went to a therapist it was too 'fast'. However I realise now that I do need to start pushing myself a little bit more. I am also a member of [the new private forums] which provides another lifeline … thank you so much for the help you have provided … Please keep up your wonderful work.

Ever so glad I found your website

… I should say the pack I bought was very helpful and I was ever so glad that I found your website. I never knew that I had vaginismus and even when I got married, my husband could not penetrate me and I felt really upset that on our honeymoon we could not make love, in fact it was not our honeymoon but a holiday. When I came back to England I went to see the doctor and she told me to use lubricating gel and more foreplay, I did also told my doctor when I was at university and she said the same thing. I thought maybe my husband is not pushy enough and if I have a smear test it might help to open the vagina, it was the most agonizing moment in my life, it took 3 times the average time to collect the cells. The nurse did not notice anything and she told me 'wait until you have children you could park a bus there'. I thought that was not funny because I could not even get my finger there.

After 2 years of marriage I thought that I will have to get to the bottom of it, I have knock so many doors with no answers and I have not consummate the wedding, my first point was the doctor again and she told me that there is nothing on the NHS that could help me. I would have to go private and I knew I could not afford it. The next step was research. I spent days on the internet trying to understand my condition and looking a name for it. I started with little words like 'dysfunction' and finally the word came up. I did more research on the treatment and was the one that was most appropriate and most promising. I also thought the price was reasonable. I also talked to the family planning nurse and she mentioned should would refer me to a psychosexual therapist, I started the treatment together with the kit from Whatever the therapist was telling me it is fully detailed in the book and guidance, and the diary keeping was wonderful in this moment of change it is very important that you talk about your feeling, for me having the therapy together with the book from reduced my treatment period to the minimum, it took me only 5 months to reach the biggest size. I would recommend the product to anybody and I am ever so grateful to to make me feel like a women and to be able to enjoy sex. My level of depression dropped very low and I enjoy living a little bit more.

However, one advice, it is vital that your partner understand the process you are going through and it will be teamwork. I found the video very educational for him and he completely understood his role in the process. He was patient and did whatever was told from the book and the therapist. He even read the book to understand the condition. Whenever I moved to the next size we have always celebrated it, it was like going through the education system again. Thank you very much - from another pleased customer.

All of my trouble and anxiety were gone

After waiting 6 years to have sex with boyfriend, I had trouble and used your [vaginismus treatment] kit. Afterwards all of my trouble and anxiety were gone and I couldn't be happier or more grateful.

The program allowed me to believe in myself

I purchased the entire kit and book, etc. I found it to be very helpful, most of my problem was a bad relationship but I definitely had other lingering issues making sex difficult. I was able to convince myself that I deserved better and to work through everything without needing any other help. I also was motivated to switch to a more understanding doctor. Basically the program allowed me to believe in myself and feel like I control my destiny again. I didn't realise how not being able to have sex when I wanted to had undermined me. I have since moved from my first exclusive relationship into a second much more supportive one. Thank you for all your help.

Your website and products are invaluable resources

I just want to tell how helpful your vaginismus kit (book, workbook, and dilator set) has been in my treatment of this condition. One night, after another failed attempt to have intercourse with my husband, I decided to surf the Internet in search of any information that might shed some light on my "problem." I stumbled upon your website and starting reading the description of vaginismus and women's accounts of dealing with it. It was like reading my own autobiography! I can't explain the joy and relief I felt knowing that what I'm dealing with has a name and thousands of other women like me suffer from it. I ordered the kit that very night and was able to approach my OB/GYN with information that led to a definitive diagnosis of vaginismus. Now that I know what my 'problem' is, I can face it and work on overcoming it. I've read your book cover to cover and am practicing with the dilators. My progress has been slow, but I'm confident with time and determination I'll be able to have a normal, healthy sex life with my husband.

Thank you again. Your website and products are invaluable resources to women like me all over the world. If I had not found your website that night, no doubt I'd still be in the dark about my condition and feeling hopeless about my sexual relationship with my husband. Keep up the great work!

Amazing discovery

This was an amazing discovery. I had been to several doctors and given all kinds of excuses for what was wrong with me. Most of the time I was simply told to try lubricant or a different position. No one could tell my why I was the way I was. I had been fine until about 8 years into my marriage. Then the pain started and escalated until sex was non-existent in our relationship. It was really taking a toll.

Eventually we divorced, partly due to this problem. After I got myself together I went looking for the answers that no one else could give me and I finally discovered the truth about what was wrong with me. I ordered the booklets and started from page one finding a solution. It took awhile and was at times a little discouraging. Sometimes you don't progress as fast as you want too. Eventually, I made it to the end of the book and had done the exercises as described. Now, finally I have a relationship that is healthy, happy, and PAIN FREE!!! It was worth every cent and every moment to discover the truth and find happiness again. I would suggest this to anyone who has had even the slightest problem with intercourse. Find the answers before it gets so bad you give up ever being happy. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Again, thank you!!!

I can’t thank you enough

Hi … I would just like to write to you to comment on how great your products and books were for me. After many years of suffering with vaginismus I almost gave up until I found your website and bought your products. I can't thank you enough. Your products and your books on this subject matter are very understanding and helpful, but what's best is that your books sympathize with every woman who suffers from this condition. Thank you so much for your products.

Your resources have changed our life!

Thank you very much for your book and resources on vaginismus. Until I researched the Internet and found your website, I did not know that my inability to have intercourse was vaginismus. After my husband and I tried unsuccessfully for 6 years, we finally achieved intercourse on our first try. Since my medical doctors have not been helpful, I just recently had appointments with my former gynecologist and primary care physician to educate them on your kit. I took the books and kit in with me and explained how helpful it has been. I asked them to please mention this self-educating kit to anyone who has vaginismus.

I followed the books step-by-step and with doing so, my only problems were my own procrastination in the beginning and some frustration when I wasn't able to move ahead quite as quickly as I would like to. Still, we achieved intercourse within 2 1/2 months.

I still have work to do, but as far as my husband and I are concerned, we have found the answer to something that has taken up way too much of our married life and we are so thankful for you creating this information.

Thank you again and blessings to you, your resources have changed our life!

Very pleased

Dear … I contacted you previously for a demonstration product for physical therapy courses that I teach to therapists treating dyspareunia and vaginismus. You were kind enough to send me a sample and I am very pleased with your product and would like to show it at my courses. I have the product in my office for patients to see right now. I wanted to see if I could get brochures from you for the classes and also talk about how participants can order the kits … The participants of the last course loved the dilators because they have a handle and are easier for patients to use … My patients come in early to read the book and many have asked how to get a hold of the workbook … Thank-you"

Hollis Herman, MS PT OCS BCIAC-fellow
Cambridge, MA

My clients have had wonderful results

I have been a sex therapist for twenty two years and am very impressed with your vaginismus kit. My clients have had wonderful results and by using this comprehensive approach they have been able to extend time between sessions achieving independent results. I have even worked by phone consults as needed. By reading about other women who have experienced the same problem they realize they are not so unusual and isolated. It's a great motivator!

Chris Lambruscati, MS
Licensed Professional Counselor
Roanoke, VA

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